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It is no reason for the night to sleep. He got up early, go to a tacit agreement. Dongfeng Road on the west side of the south, a few pedestrians, no one will notice, lonely late autumn leaves, is how to remain aloof from the world of beauty. Three years ago I moved to Anyang County Bureau accidentally saw after distraction dreams of god. Yes, this is my longing, the previous spiritual garden. The noise from the earth, not a bit of ingenuity, not with a carved, everything is nature's way of graffiti, so quietly pay no heed to the United States without a trace, make you want to slow down and held his breath, if heavy breathing is alerted to this like nature itself -- highest quality. Since then, every year in late autumn, I will gently depress the dawn, with the conversion of the devout, to the leaves of cahair-add..

Do not live up to my thoughts, it is my dream of the red forest, the branches and shades of bright, was far more than dazzling glow. Some have red to the acme, make its brightness dazzles the eyes. There is sunshine, abundance, let people forget the autumn Xiao Sha, some just by Huang Bianhong, some green still, more a wonderful, side side of the whole leaf leaves red, green, and so the contradiction and harmony in a branch of the corresponding items. " Shuangye red flowers in February, " red more than February flower, not only is red? Red beauty, not like the flowers, or delicate drop, or flowers in full bloom, or smell good, or contests. And leaves, is read to the vicissitudes of stand aloof from worldly success after static beauty. Therefore, it makes you very touching. She also had a spring branch on the bud bud, she also had a summer with luxuriant foliage vigor, can calm to face the westerly withered green tree in bloom withered, before the last bright. Her bright is the sublimation of life come very naturally, not as rich people enjoy, even forgetting. As the Gao, woods, and wrote poems, sing while drinking, forget lost track of time, life geometryhair-add?

This leaves the forest, gave me a new surprise! The bushes, never remember this fruit, several strains have bearing little red, the other is sparse, a unique strains clustered, node, that red bean also thick lovesickness! I forget to pick, was stabbed, pierced hands, not only taunts, are so red with blood, my painting? Holding a few branches red, like holding his faint feeling, then choose different levels of light red, no matter how full of pedestrian, honest real in my garden, and this leaves red, not waiting for her friend to pickhk-car-rental?