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Worry for the exam

Evening her husband came back from the outside to tell my daughter from the school called him a telephone call from her with a tearful voice can be concluded that her mood is very low. Final exam test is not so good, the only physical exam 70 points, 90 points, these subjects in fact, she is usually very good, and this has flunked. She could not accept the reality . The husband listened to my daughter complained that although she does not happy you want to blame a few but still forced back, he could not bear to let the original depressed mood again worse, say test are finished to scold her it would not help, or her holiday home and then to communicate well with her reenex 效果.

I am skeptical, because her husband sometimes love take daughter to tease me, obviously she took the test good results are also deliberately said before I did not test well, let me unhappy and then tell me the truth I was pleasantly surprised. In order to verify what he said, I decided the next day to make a phone call to ask what the situation to her daughter.
Called her daughter's cell phone and asked her test scores she touches 11 tell us the truth, said his bad mood after the examination results are known, can not be happy.
Know that her husband did not lie, that such a frustrating message, in fact, tell the truth, I is also an instant mood Partly sunny, not unspeakable. Fortunately, the telephone exchange, not speak face to face, and my sense of loss, she may not be aware. At this moment I know that his was a little discomfort, but reason tells me what to say what not to say. Ah, daughter couple devoted too much effort, and placed too much hope. These years for her time and time again to give up the opportunity to make big money out, nest open the store just to get by in Hometown planted with a few acres of cotton, is among the relatives the abjection households fared the worst. People often ask how her husband less than go outside to play to their strengths rely on technology to earn more money, her husband's answer was always the word ︰ sake of the children.
For our children, we parents all his life for our children, hoping she could amount to anything, to live a life of well-being, do not like the life of our generation is only facing the loess back into the air, all year round in the ground plane food, place their hopes in God who expect good weather, crop prices, so that they have something to eat. Walking in the street the others glance Qiaochu our identity ︰ farmer uncle because of the sun all year round exposure to black non-slip lost skin, let us go in the crowd pull a few dress, because the soil is not the same as the ants go unnoticed which parents are willing to let their sons and daughters like herself mediocre inaction?
The sake of the children, I hope she is getting on our only wish, then gone well and how should we interpret it? Live in the big city ward looking around Qishanxiushui is open cars wear designer Chibian the Feast? Is at home Pufu serve around in someone outside Qianhuhouyong? Is the distinguished honor of fame in front of relatives in front of outsiders? Refers to the deep pockets of the wealthy or rights inone both ways? I think these explanations should not be the only answer, want their children to better life, the "good" word should is a happy, are not necessarily associated with the fame and fortune, but it must be connected with the state of mind, good or bad mood and depth of a person's thinking The inseparable, superficial physical stuff slavery, deep people to do things I forgot all about Carefree worry. Rome was not built in a day, a person is more and more deep because she gradually learned how to let go, a person's life are also relieved because his life did not learn to live in confusion. Pressure does sometimes caused by the external environment, but may also be applied ourselves are NOT acceptable failure just been successful; did not want to silence, just want people's minds; unwilling to poor, just want to be rich. From small to large, fame is the leader of pressure, in order to fame, the parents of the child is always asking for too much, ignoring their feelings, but also because of the fame, the kids lose a lot of that originally belonged to their joy, become restless quick success, and the front of the Society, open-minded, cheerful but abandoned in confusion .I enlighten her on the phone ︰ examination did not test well not to be too sad, sad can not change reality, will only make one more bad mood fallen faster. Institute of lessons learned is decent. Scores and ranking so seriously , or to believe that a certain line Mom and Dad will not despise you out in the cold this time of the unsatisfactory results you, we still believe that you do not let negative emotions affect their own, cheer up, without reservation, as well as the opportunity to prove himself. "After listening to my words, my daughter said an" ah. " I hope she will soon get rid of the shadow of the exam to her heart Low back pain.
Children, regardless of the exam, college entrance examination in the future or later in life, no matter how unsatisfactory, my mother and I hope you can still smile.