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The wedding ancient Chinese Chinese's wedding of ancient Chinese, the marriage of ancient Chinese Chinese's youth much from parents fully responsible for, mostly the parents gave to betroth since the childhood and had of still point stomach in order to marry, namely the kid haven't been born, both parties parents is they establishment marital wedding dresses

The same surname doesn't marry:Namely same surname of the men and women not and mutually marriage and begin from west week initial stage, is week race execution clan outside marriage leave behind the next rules.The spring autumn period, the people same surname marriage will result in posterity abnormal and not teach have already had further understanding, but the same surname marry still has occurrence in the nobility China Times.After fighting a country, take surname as a surname, after Han Dynasty, the surname doesn't divide, as a result the same surname doesn't marry much have been already canned not help.Go to Tang Dynasty, marry and follow thou system to the same surname, forbid.Sung Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty is a Tang Lyu, the same surname leaves for marrying Gan Zhang it.Clear and pure the region is larger, densely populated, early become a region- based society, replaced at first blood relationship- based clan.Past 《clear statutes 》with 《pure statutes 》divide equally same surname, of the same clan is two, win surface to stipulate that both all forbid to relate by marriage, the actual same surname and different religion can also get married.In the late Ching dynasty volume Lyu, same surname not marriage and relatives didn't marry merger, forbade of the same clan matrimony.

The betrothal is ex- to want to ask matchmaker to female house to propose.BE while betrothing given the bride's side some wealth and propertieses by male square to make "order a gift", the bride's side also wants to bring the bridegroom's family a lot of wealth and propertieses and calls to"go with bride" while getting marrie脫髮問題

Hold a wedding that day, the bridegroom wants to sit the gift car or the flower Jiao and arrives female house to"send a party to escort the bride to the groom's home", gift car or flower Jiao front contain music band.The bride pay respects to after being faced into bridegroom's family world and parents.The gift finishes, the newly married husband and wife go into nuptial chamber.The bridegroom's family holds the party to serve to come to congratulate at this time of friend.The some places still has the habit to make nuptial chamber and listen to wall feet.

Check a day:Chinese marriage customs.Call report day again.Is widely accepted majority of regions in China.The village argument marries to betroth of a step.The men and women youth after acquainting with understanding reports parents and gives a Mei communication, male the square send a colourful gift for bride's side, then betroth a women's shoes

Aforetime many row"horoscope"s that please first to tell fortune a Sir, mutually and mutually match to just carry on such as the life.Some place both parties' parents meet to betroth for sons and daughters.Such as:Whole state once the county take, both parties' opinion unanimously after, the matchmaker generation male square sends wine meat's the clothing material to the bride's side and makes appointment to accompany bride's side parent and uncle to the bridegroom's family to meet, male square hold the party to serve.The young man keeps pot to pour wine and respect bride's side first the uncle respect an oneself uncle behind, then first the lord one after another toast after the guest.Both parties agree after negotiation wedding day, the betrothal tells.The men and women send bride's side to weigh gift, gift of groom's family thereafter, the bride's side prepares trousseau, and the male square prepares a furniture and holds a wedding according to period.If the bride's side urges a marriage and then does a rightness of glutinous rices Ba(be so called "reunited Ba") to send to bridegroom's family, the male square appreciates absolute being meeting, the great kindness serves and invite neighbors' accompanying guest.Generally and all respect bride's side to propose to advance wedding day葡萄酒.

The song of He Lang:Chinese marriage customs, is widely accepted the northeast of the laurel cheerful Anne's county a take.After doing obeisance a hall, dinner, the friends and relatives escorts a bridegroom at the main hall and sings the song of He Lang.Impromptu weave He now of phrase, there is also cajolery, humorous phrase.The friends and relatives sings a , the bridegroom drinks one cup wine.Sing till midnight, send a bridegroom to go into nuptial chamber.The female singer closes door in order to wait for, men and women to sing 《open the door song 》 , the fully enjoy square opens the door.Sing a song to make building after entering a door, sing to°from"congratulate bridegroom's wine one cup" "ten cups"s, the bridegroom one by one in order drinks to°from 1 10 cups.(the capacity for liquor is extremely can be drunk by male singer's generation)Then sing 《hand over happy wine 》 , the New appointee double double together drinks one cup.The singer finally knocks on door to sing 《knock on door song 》with end a fashion jewelry

Sit a red hall:Chinese marriage customs, is widely accepted the northeast of the laurel whole state once the county take, the men and women youth gets married an eve difference to be alongside of to be subjected to elders sermon at oneself worship of ancestors.The bride wears red hang a decoration, from classmate sister concomitant, sit upright a house small voice to tactfully sing 《cry to marry song 》 , read aloud parents' boon, Xu sister feeling.The sisters show filial obedience old man and in peace and harmony brothers sister after giving repeated advice to the bride pass by door, the handsome and talented diligence of great bridegroom.When the bride tells the worry of not equal to idea, the sisters in many ways advise Wei.Sing the dress clinging farewell in dead hour and present a gift.The bridegroom is as well sat by concomitant classmate brothers oneself main hall, accept elder industry and thrift manage domestic affairs, is conducting of teach.Teach the old man of be over how to back a hall, the young mans joke to beat Hun to make track for a bridegroom, the happiness dead hour square spread.

Beg for key:Chinese marriage customs, is widely accepted the northeast of the laurel whole state county a take.The bride marries key, from allow "send close Lang" to take charge of in the men and women of its young sister-in-law or niece.Do obeisance before the hall, bridegroom to send to close Lang to send to seal to wrap to beg for key, in order to do obeisance a hall to open a box behind, display a valley rice Qian Wu symbolize to produce good after getting married among them, the family is wealthy.Send to close Lang to dislike little don't answer, the bridegroom adds for many times.Send to close Lang to receive to seal a pack, the bridegroom begs for key after, the joys is happy pleased do obeisance a hall with bridehair care.

See a house:The Chinese marry vulgar of a, the village argument marries a medium important procedure.And then watch the house a door and check a house.Is widely accepted majority of county countries in Guangxi.Then bride's side and two misses that is called "accompany Gu" are under accompanying of more than 10 friends and relativeseses and arrive men and women to check to visit condition.(also have bride's side I don't go of)The male square holds the party to serve.Matchmaker introduction argument marriage both parties acquaint with.Bride's side friends and relatives generation lifts a wealth gift to request, the male square usually all promised at that time, and presented various guest"went feet money".Next day, both parties pass the matchmaker thin argument.Some places still allow inside an argument marriage the room inside the man turn over a box to pour the cabinet Cha genuine feeling actual condition and pass a matchmaker argument again after marriage.wholesale fashion jewellery

The black building robs to kiss:Chinese marriage customs, is widely accepted the laurel east He county a take.At under distance mountain area, the bride cries to marry after two days and two nights and pass by door of day early morning and female companions together hide black building.The men and women send a party to escort the bride to the groom's home after troops arrive, the bride's elder brother(or cousin, cousin) and the male youth in the close Wei breaks a door but goes into.The female companion tosses a sand to flick bamboo holdout.Rob dint the diagram drag along female companions to go out an outside to expel interference.Robs such as 2 defeat, then increasing to 4 people is to more than 10 persons, until carry on the back strong bride to go out.Again from the male square sends a party to escort the bride to the groom's homes two(or 4) womans in the brigade by turn carry on the back a bride to Lang house.Rob to contend for in person in, the male puts on a pot of smoke Mo for female, the female tores male dress Shan and makes the thou robbed a marriage to loose breeze to turn into into beating of men and women's youth to make a frolic.
Do obeisance a colourful language:Chinese marriage customs, is widely accepted majority of county countries in Guangxi.An important procedure in the wedding.BE often sparked by the bridegroom's uncle to provide a rightness of wedding candleses on the table, and say that the colourful words congratulate to pray.Such as the laurel east He county a take in common use colourful language:"Dragon only and only and only, Gao Zhao Hua's hall, husband and wife combine life, the blessing Lu becomes a double", "take premium Zhang two long, congratulate a nephew on marry a bride, the happy harmonious marriage adds a blessing life, in peace and harmony hundred years of husband and wife long."Wish a phrase to say that after finishing, bridegroom's bride does obeisance world, ancestor, and marry towards doing obeisance.

Return mother's home:Ancient Chinese Chinese marriage customs.Namely marry after the 3, 6, 7, 9, 10th or full moon, the son-in-law holds a gift and returns to return to natal home and calls to pay respects the parents and relatives of wife's son with the bride.From receive personally to start of become the son-in-law's gift, go to this completion.This is vulgar since at the ancient, be suffused with to call to"visit parents after marriage", for go home to visit an idea of parents after getting married.Name in future generations everyplace is different, Sung generation calls "do obeisance a door", the north of the Manchu dynasty calls "the double returns mother's homes", south calls to"visit relatives", the river north some regions call "call Gu Ye", Hangzhou calls "return to Lang".Modern Bao after getting married the third day, and then call "three toward returning mother's homing".This is the last rites of wedding, the daughter doesn't forget parents' loving care from childhood to grant, the son-in-law appreciates father-in-law mother and the newly married couple meanings, such as conjugal love and the United States...etc., general, the female house all holds the party to serve, the new son-in-law seats at table seat of honor, is accompanied by the female clan elders to drink.Newly married couple or return on that day, or keep for few days, if keep, the dissimilarity then stays overnight one room.led home lighting