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tragedy ending

The 10-year marriage end tragedy ending
Fortune upon at a time, make two hearts spouted a spark of love.But their marriages encounter making every effort to against of bride's side parents.However really love to let them the crest lived all pressures and once walked the years of troubles.Didn't expect, after the financial situation got an improvement, but the husband addict to money and sex in, cruel abandonned wife,fashion jewelrythe 10-year marriage end tragedy ending ……First love, a dollar Helps money to move me

18 years old, I am still one don't door in the school of medium particularly living.

That year, I and two female classmates goes to a river pool and swims, river Shui-li in pure blue, we are like three fingerlings that put to return nature and devouringly write freely youthful of vitality.We have fun too to forget a form, until the setting sun west descends to just go ashore.

Ask after the pure circumstance he is long to give a sigh:"My still thinking is to loot?"I think that his courage is also pretty big, ten root the wood rod dares to come over, if really have a scoundrel can be getting more dangerous, this person still really has a little the ancient way hot bowel.Just thinking wear, the classmate tells him to say that have no money Eliminated an incandescentto return to school by bus , he searched all pockets right away and finally touched a small pair of small change, count number totally just a dollar money, he the ground of Han Han smile to pass over here.We a few girl's sons in every aspect and mutually Qu, looking at his Han kind, I could not helped break into laughter voice, the end is that I connect his a dollar money descend.

He sends us station, our side walks the side chat, originally he is kid Cheng and just came to Wuhan from the village and prepared to do a part-time job the Zheng ordered money.Haven't found out a work so far, only a dollar money also lends on the body to we, however he says, he believes to depend on oneself of hands, can definitely create for a fine future.

The at present this skin You black boy suddenly becomes very warm, my in the mind oil however rise a kind of feeling that has never had.End distinguish, I told him my address in the school, he is tiny to say with smile and waited to find out to work to definitely see me, say finishing breeze to generally leave.Looking at he leaves of figure, I unexpectedly have already grown impulse and want to follow him to walk together and want to create a fine marriage with him together with future.

Until get on the car, I still unwilling to partly looking at the direction that he disappears.

Insist, I become the marriage to the love

After a week, kid Cheng really sought me.Hereafter of each Sunday, kid Chengs will stand at doorway in the school to pick me up to release from school.No matter blow to rain, have never once interrupted.The his economic ability is limited and hardly bring me a gift,
during a lifetimebut in my birthday or the stanza day off, he still will buy the rag doll of some cheapness but amiability for me, or cheap hair card used in girl's son what of.In fact I also really think that he sends flower and chocolate for me, but those things are getting tooer costly.His wages is little and also want to send money for home to return to monthly, leaves a part to hardly maintain own life.

I send him my things to all hide, in the dead of night I just take out and foolishly have a liking for for a long time, in his head quarter now my dream inside, still so very silly, the appearance of Han Han.But I am to like his person like this.

After two months, I brought back him a house.The home is 100 different ideas, because our city country difference hangs too much extremely.He is once more than once to send down heavy Shi in father's in front:The this present life can't make me suffer hardship.Father but always make to answer with the inhospitality, even threaten if I and kid Cheng get married and from now on rupture father female's relation.Face the objection in the home, we didn't retreat.I obstinately insist my love, medium particularly soldier industry after, I am married with kid Cheng.

We get married, didn't upscalely go with bride an article, didn't construct pleased celebrate the music band of atmosphere, even all of bride chambers are what kids Chengs' uncles lend to us.Get married that day, on my body a jacket is new, besides which, whole other is "old curio".
new special discountA persons in the home didn't come and faced desolate room, kid Cheng hugs me in the bosom and swore that this present life loves my one person, and he will definitely make me lead the best day.He says that as long as we lead small day thoroughly, home also can't so to we.I am restraining tears to nod, I believe him, and he will do to get.