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To youth


Leaf litter, and a season was coming, reincarnation of the number of red years, I still can feel what, past feelings? Still believe that the youth will have the fairy tale colour. I asked: youth really color? Maybe some, is filled with dark gray or filled with vibrant greengohour?

Affect the ignorant heart, wasted youth and vitality. Remember, once, we together to the heavens and flying my own dream; together we play together in the campus, mad. In the light of the sunset, we sat on the grass, watching the sunset across the horizon, and leave a calm yourself, alone to enjoy each other 's silence.

Gradually, we slowly learned independence, learned to be strong, there is a little rebellious. Remember, that time I used the very naive tone to mother promised, said: when I grow up I must take good care of you, you are not allowed any harmgohour

After growing up, I finally have to protect you, but I did not do. Because, I also learned little rebel, the first think you are more and more nagging, first quarrel with you, for the first time away from home, first regret impulse ... .... You know, when I see the wrinkles on your face more and more, heart care instead more and more heavy. I just found out that I was wrong. Perhaps, I really should learn to be independent. Gradually, I found that I have the protection of your ability, but also lost on your reasons.

The youth of color would fade? It was the memory will be forgotten by us. Suddenly, everything is like the wind, take a naive child blowing big. Maybe, I just left a regret beauty on. Because, I always believe that the world is really a love that will never change until death, Qiong Yao's novels under the beautiful love really exist. Have always believed that the inner world is an ancient myth. I can only say, these memories I have been getting more and more far awayhair3k.

I do not know when to play, we learn that the silence, feel a bit of sadness. Slowly, we find ourselves have changed, we learned to camouflage, let others see through our mind. If our youth is so mysterious.

Passing fleeting, everything seemed to blossom, such as a dream of a child slowly away, dream, still stay in the mood for love. When we feel, look blank, found that youth is transient, just know to cherish. Life is like the tides, there is always the ebb and flow of time, it is so.