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Time flies, what is time?

What is time? Inadvertently from your side go years; what is life? The endless routine; people in this quick and simple repeat of pass through the spring and Autumn period, mature, into the ever-bright sunset!
Like, time is the most worrying and most helpless people things, especially before you desire at a time when complete plan. If life can seldom let you fully satisfied, so some people say that content is better than riches. Life seems like a constant in wear the will of the people, good and the pursuit of the ideal, and from a full of SAP youth into a mass of common people, the daily work for a living, in the endless busy getting old. Some people say, is not satisfactory thing often eight or nine life, so that people often think of one or two. Yes, in the face of life, many are incapable of action, and he was forced to change their own, to adapt to life, and make some highfalutin reasons to convince myself. A lot of people do, most people never will it used to do this, little part is not reconciled to the person in the life a moment when Pan Ran, picked up the youth and the pursuit of the ideal, the top pressure, to struggle to dream. Some people finally arrived, to one's heart's content; some people only go half way, no regrets in mixed a little regret. There are some people, never bow to life, they won't and what to change themselves, their persistence will attract people indissoluble and criticism, some people say they are out of your mind, some people say they are not. Part of the success of them, being pursued; the rest of the people did not succeed, people always firmly believe that their mind is flooded.