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Through the words to express

Literary creation is through language to express the image thinking in art. Words are the voice of the mind, language is the carrier of literature creation. How to improve the literary language text to express the level to express the author's writing style, has been placed in front of each writer health-checking.In literary creation, literary language expression has been through two channels: one is the pile of large rhetoric, deliberately to carve; two is cut branches strong, focusing on exercise sardines.
If the temper, will slag, go miscellaneous, and pure, if carved, cast to, warts, Zhu will. For writers, in the use of language art creation intention, polish and polish are two unavoidable choice. That is, your work is either slag, go miscellaneous, and pure, applied ink, powder, or warts hkmove.
Obviously, using the literary language art to convey the author's voice, must want to exercise.