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Thought unforgettable

Summer solstice season approaching, people often say, long, on the summer solstice to the winter solstice, short on. The summer solstice, the longest sunshine. Seven thirty in the evening, day or a pale. Suddenly, a big rainstorm assault Chinatown earth, soybean like rain sprinkles to the whole town, misty rain wrapped up in city, let rain heartily by beating. So go for a walk after dinner people, really have a cool water bath.The rain come fast, stops quickly, less than 10 minutes, screeching halt. This is recovered, day. After the rain of the night sky, a cloud of white halo, large clouds are moving slowly, as if there were a beautiful sight will from this mysterious sky suddenly appear. For a while, the team halo gradually formed a round profile, I climb mountains, ah, golden, cheerful, full moon was risingoverseastudyhk.

Black sky full of stars, especially the large such as gold, glory of the moon, like a doll's face, full of childish color, the soft circle with wisps of clouds gently around the sources. The moon rose higher and higher,, had climbed the top of the building, overlooking the earth, put glorious selfless sway. I squinted her eyes, saw the moon in touch I scene. Is a tree? Is the mountain? Is the cloud? Is the wind? As a couple? Is it really you say what is what. He floated gently light cloud clouds covered the moon, only to see the flash through the clouds. The moon to squeeze ah, it struggled to drill out. A cool breeze blew away the clouds, it once again showed her beautiful face, like the little girl up to drape over the forehead of the UFA to smile. I think that wearing on cloud moon seems to be more vigorous and poetic.

Look at the stars in the sky, looking at the bright moon gradually, I thought of indifference, reveling in the civilized Lotus Park scenes such as drunk as immortal moments Jing yi. At that time, I just graduated from high school, I was alone for the first time and girls in the park to play together, talking to each other, then the first and girls hand, then...... In conclusion, remember that general feeling young, funny. Well, do not want to, you know, the stars in the night sky, the moon will look at you. Yes, I feel as if the moon is in front of me, touch, feel, so close, so close.