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The vast shore.

Two thousand years ago, the shore, staged a poignant and touching love story, but autumn is by the fiber slender hand this distant and vague memory described as a desolate to the sketch. The distant sky, pure and beautiful realm shocked people eyes and heart.Two thousand years through the tip of the quicksand, struggling to find love man with a quiet and modest maiden dreamy already fade in sight, only the reed still faithfully waiting on the winding shore, listening to the sound of ancientSamsung Galaxy .

Autumn diffuse?? long, heavy dew Chenghua cream. But it still gray reed in the rustling autumn wind swayed my slender beautiful body, pledge their proud disdain. In this cold morning, the man came to the shore for sweetheart. He seems far see sweetheart in his opposite, the graceful posture, the flow of the eyes, then filled with warm smile let a man once palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. In back from the whirl, upstream to find her, but road and a long, tortuous road far, man hard upper and lower down, but also reach the Iraqi side, she seems to always stay in the water, within sight but beyond reach. Men's eyes always floating a blurred figure, want to get close to her, but can't. So he can still wandering at the edge of the water, but sweetheart but ultimately the month in water.

A wisp of blue, a lost, pity welled up in men's heart. The furthest distance in the world is not the distant horizon, is not between life and death, but when I stand in front of you but never go near you. As the search for sweetheart man, his heart was so tightly touches, he and wife just across the water, but it is within sight but beyond reach, as if she is he never made it to the far-off regions.

The gone far empty atmosphere, the persistent, and melancholic mood, the search up and down and within sight but beyond reach the intention to become Poem of eternal charm. This song reminds me of romantic and talented poet Xu Zhimo to a generation of talented Lin Whei-yin quest.

Be far away from the river to witness the beam just kindled sparks of love. When Xu Zhimo and Lin Whei-yin always walk on down the moonlight and the mist, quietly in the river walk, this time, the steeple church vesper bell, in his stifling distant and vast rang out behind,. The sound is a kind of inspiration, always let them remember the lights, think of a wine with intense moonlight night.

Each time, Xu Zhimo will be overcome by one's feelings to read poems to Lin Whei-yin, but Lin Whei-yin is always able to cleverly continue, this is the two soul of the heart. Lin Whei-yin was a born beauty is a charming appearance and personality, first awakening interest in the opposite sex, the innocent girl. Her beauty, for many young men of the dumping. Her talent, her beauty also let him delude one to folly. However, who did not like him, to a poet unique eye, from her enigmatic eyes, read her innate blue.

Xu Zhimo wrote to Lin Whei-yin: if one day I win your love, then I my life will have a destination, only love can make me hurrying footsteps stop, let me stay for a while, you know sadness as saw to my soul. What a romantic and passionate express, believe he was talented and romantic attracted Lin Whei-yin must have the heart moving. But the reason after all over the emotions, Lin Whei-yin told Xu Zhimo: I'm not the kind of woman abuse of feelings, if you really love me, do not give me an awkward position, you must make a choice between Zhang Youyi and me.