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The fish nutrition value

 Fish is always respected by the nutrition circles, not only because the protein content is rich and easy to digest, vitamin B, calcium, zinc tableware cleaning,

selenium, iodine and other minerals are abundant, but because the fat rich in omega-3series fatty acids, on the prevention of cardiovascular

and cerebrovascular diseases and promoting intelligence development helpful. However, if the fish canning, nutritional value and safety will

change Botox. Fish is rich in protein and other nutrients, acidity is low, especially easy to breed bacteria, so do the cans in the 115 ~121 DEG C under the
high temperature high pressure sterilization. Such a high heating temperature on protein has little effect, it will cause great loss of one of the B

vitamins. Therefore, canned fish vitamin B1 content can be decreased to about half of the fish, in the long-term storage will further reduce.
However, there are always pros and cons. High temperature and high pressure heating the fishbone crisp-tender, massive bone calcium

dissolved, therefore containing bone calcium content in canned fish products can be increased by more than 10 times, and one of the iron diginewsroom,

zinc, iodine, selenium and other minerals, and no loss of. So eat canned fish to add minerals have certain significance fish food.
However, if the raw fish from the lead, cadmium polluted waters, most of the pollution elements can be put in the skeleton, to reduce the fish

body harm; now bone calcium stripping, lead and cadmium has been activated, may have on consumer harm. At the same time, polluted

water fish also may contain high concentrations of arsenic and mercury, particularly tuna, shark, sea bass, barracuda, swordfish, marlin, COD

and other. If the pregnant woman often eating contaminated fish into canned, mercury may pass through the placenta and milk to the fetus

and infant, affect the child neurodevelopmental brain and intelligence development. In contrast, salmon, sardines, croaker and relatively safe.
Proposal consumer weekly eating fish can not exceed 2tank ( each containing225grams of fish tank ) which is not more than 1fish and fish

tank. Pregnant women, maternal and child care so as not to choose canned fish, monthly not more than once a suitable. Paying attention to a

balanced diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and beans potato, improve the ability to resist pollution, in order to avoid long-term eating  sardine fish

lots of canned fish may have adverse effects on health physiotherapy.