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The early morning sun

The morning sun was hot, a flock of sparrows on the tree on twitter The best hair salon.
My units give us each a family home, so we and some birds, cat, dog or animal contact more. Life has become a lot of excitement. Daughter Beanie preference dog, so I went from a colleague's rural home with a dog. Puppies are very cute, like hare, very lively. Put it in a small box, then everywhere smell to smell, to find a small pillow, my slipper. Then the self-assured or supercilious sleeping, charmingly naive, the daughter happily is coming, and his dog out to eat a snack. From the Beanie One more intimate small friends, as long as the home to play with it. Red threads tied a small bell on the dog's neck below, home often think of ring, give our life a lot more fun. My daughter just gave it a name: the dog, is unlike the name name. But it expressed the most beloved dog diginewsroom.
Sparrows on the tree is still messy called, is it right? It swooped down for dog food bowl bread residue. The dog cocked tail look pleased with oneself, the hum threaten sparrow. The sparrow is not weakness took advantage according to the dog's nose lightning pecked out screaming, dog jumped into my small cases. The tree sparrow is coaxed a sound, all fly down from the trees. The moment he took the dog food bowl against a naked, dog panic in the small box next crouching, softly sobbing. Since then, this group of sparrows became dog regulars on the table diginewsroom.
Every twitter cry make me tired, so I went from stalls to buy a slingshot, decided to scare the not out. To dog meal times, it warily eye tree that the robbers, rapid swallowing the food up, true wind volume of remnant cloud. But I only eat half, this group of sparrows come swaggeringly fly down. The dog frightened back in the side, I am angry, this group of bragging. I took out the slingshot, placed on a stone. A whoosh, a sparrow Ma fell to the ground. The other is to coax a fly not the least trace was found Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration.
Look down on the sparrow, I bent down to pick it up. Head bowed, eyes tightly closed lips, yellow, is a small sparrow. The dog curious came to sniff, and walked away. A small end like this, I am very sad. But another want, who let them so bossy, lesson, not what can not. And throw them away! Then I remember, the meat is very nutritious, I decided to take it with a daughter to eat travel-linkage.
Was about to begin, daughter home. Dad, what is in your hands. I said:" a sparrow, I was ready to give you eat stewed!" What? Sparrow? Quickly let me have a look. Daughter grabbed him, at sparrows have straight leg. She gently towards the blowing gas, hope it can survive. But still in vain, which lie on the palm of the hand motionless. Her eyes were red, choking. Small sparrow, little sparrow. My daughter suddenly looked up, Dad we buried it! I nodded silently, hey! How can hurt daughter a compassionate kindness 流行鼓課程.
Since then, house sparrow little up. Dogs don't bird to eat, but day by day, it has become the be in the blues. I also feel a bit less, about a month later, the sparrows kill back again, the dog becomes the be in fine Fig. My ears have twitter.
I think this is the life travel-linkage .