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That day, I see you

That day, I see you, you sit on the high chair, put away the sedan, suspected of familiar people, just remember where I met, suddenly turned around, be apartgic. One day, the place, and I met you, this time, you will no longer be superior to the car, but in carefully selected Rouge jewelry. I hope you attentively, accompanying by reminding you to look at me, look at this one. My heart startled, how about you qian's Tree?
And after some days, coincides with the flood, I ordered to rescue, not because I feared, also not because of my great powers, more not because I am a soldier, but I have a good springgic, because the hometown leadership recommended. Much, a lot of frustration, Huang Mingnan Wei, I if not from loved ones, side plenum for I innocently implicated, why don't you ordered, but if it dies, it also had a sacrifice for the country 's reputation. People may have life and death, just a matter of sooner or later jadelung.
Natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, no more sorrow. The flood situation, epidemic disease again and again, saved the life of another, flood last half a month, I also tired for a long time. Today, works as usual, over a large garden, like a girl on the roof and wait for rescue, flew closer look, are you 生日party...... Good students excited, to help you to safety. ' thank you for saving ' ' have the honor to know you, the more Come into autumnprivileged to save your life ' ' eyes, the son looks quite familiar, as if seen, let me think carefully, really sorry ' ' miss a good rest, do not know it, I was with a girl know, enough, I will one step ahead ' I will gogic. Go Ye Hao, love this thing, not nostalgia, I could save her life, this life without regret, she and I are not the same, unsuitable, why contests feelings, at least she would remember me, enough enough pet relocation.....