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susceptibility to gastric cancer

Often eat hot pickled fish susceptibility to gastric cancer
Pickled cabbage fish is that people like a dish, but also preserved pickles food, contain more nitrite, likely to cause cancer. Nearly 50% of patients with gastric cancer were anorexia or loss of appetite, the doctor reminds, when the stomach discomfort should raise vigilance.
Nanjing is a 26 years old woman, the stomach does not appear to have more than four months, do not want to eat, I only eat" pickled cabbage fish" have the appetite. Development can eat later, she went to the hospital to check, was found in the gastric diffuse infiltrating cancer, doctors have to remove the stomach resection. Expert reporter, recently admitted four cases of gastric cancer in young patients, let him feel surprised, these young people's way of life was strikingly similar, are pickled cabbage fish and fondue lovers. Experts point out that, of gastric carcinoma in young and young people bad eating habits and fast-paced society, work pressure, mental stress is closely related to.
Nitrite in pickled fish much
Experts say, recently also receives a 19 year old boy in Fujian, guy working in Nanjing for nearly a year, half a year ago feel stomach discomfort, stomach medicine to take after alleviates somewhat, did not continue to check. Nearly two months weight decreased significantly, and frequent vomiting bloody fluid. Gastroscopic diagnosis of advanced gastric cancer, only palliative resection, pathological diagnosis of gastric signet ring cell carcinoma is late. Boy told the doctor, usually likes to eat hot pot, hot and spicy food, pickled cabbage fish, and a large number of drinking beer.
Experts say, pickled foods contain a lot of nitrite, its carcinogenic effect is very clear. Pickled cabbage fish is that people like a dish, but also preserved pickles food, contain more nitrite, with the amine substances nitrosamines, is an easy to carcinogenic substances, occasionally eat it doesn't matter, but every day, eat easy to increase the risk of. After eating the pickled foods, such as can eat some kiwi, grapefruit and other foods rich in vitamin, drinking green tea, strong carcinogen nitrosamine can block the synthesis, reduce the incidence of stomach and esophageal cancer.