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Slice work

Jadeite finished product's processing to is divided into a light body finished product and carving finished product is two major types.Jewellery manufacturers

Only the body product has higher request to the raw material, can not have crack, because of a have crack see very easily.The jadeite with there is crack mostly uses to do a flower piece, passing the carvings skill can cover up crack.Tahitian Pearls

Consequently while evaluating only body finished product and flower piece, at under the circumstance of same quality, only the body product want to be expensive the vulture article is over the flower piece and certainly have specially consummate vulture jade then exception.Golden South Sea Pearls

The existence of the crack is usually the fatal injury of the jadeite finished product, there is crack, the value of the jadeite will greatly reduce and particularly speak for the upscale fashion jewellery

Generally can use flashlight, use to see through to only shine on, there is crack seeing very easily.