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service into the mainstream

Office furniture rise of professional experience to create personalized service into the mainstream
Office furniture marketing development, throughout the country furniture monopoly model, furniture sales experience from marketing to the marketing, from store to store, from small shops to large shopping malls, from local area to all over the country, from low-grade to high-grade furniture from the furniture, furniture products to office supplies, from the primary market to three steps the market, from a single product to the series of products, BLN Designfrom catch quality to the brand, from the brand to the dissemination of culture and a process of transformation. The furniture store to have what kind of change, whether to open a new chapter Travel Expert, to find a new way out?

The experience of professional marketplace has gradually become mainstream Most of the furniture store and not the office furniture included, even if there is no as a key promotion, while similar Sunlink Furniture City District office environment demonstration experience mall this kind of large-scale professional office furniture store and there remained but a single one. Review of the district office furniture store environment, consumers are not difficult to discover, the traditional long file layout has become less and less, replace sb. Is decorated meticulously, modernization, the function of the office layout. Reporter observed, the furniture store environment gradually evolved into the experiential situation exhibition hall, store environment more and more attention to the feelings of consumers, more emphasis on comfort and experience, convenient shopping Travel Expert.
Situational experience vivid theme
The theme and experience exhibition features, it combines many commodity advantage, simulate the real working environment. This sales model to better reflect the office furniture mix, use and furnishings, is a visual pattern of consumption, easy to cause the consumer desires, in favor of consumer choice. Each region has a corresponding theme, according to the style of simplicity, the European wind, pastoral, fashion, classic wind; according to the post office, president office level manager, clerk office; according to the functions of financial room, downstage, screens, conference rooms, Android TV Remote aprereciciar apreopiear banquet room, lounge, scenes, simulation of the corresponding office mode display different office appliance combination, highlight the brand advantage of products, unique style, office live style and layout also stick out a mile Travel Expert.