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Riding in the rain fly

Wings never belong to the sky, with the fate of proposition was happy to play to the extreme. Happy as a bird, as a flightless bird, one day, unexpectedly appeared in the seven floor roof of red tile ridge, but a sign. Susu black hair disheveled by the wind, it looks like a sky skyline, journey north and south the prodigal son, full of the taste of loneliness. Ximen chuixue, my mind quickly show the name, lonely, cold, remain aloof from the world. I often in some animal who see this similarity alone, with a courage. Their clear eyes, park manner, like a child without retaining trust, all kinds of, make you outstanding warmth, and in a short period of time to assume a cannot evasive mission. Perhaps this is life unconsciously reveal, like the water clear, delicate flowers, I'd rather believe, this is between love and understand natural biological. Happy to see me, crouch head pile up, eyes towards me, rash and exciting manner, has a bit of a surprise joy, it in tile ridge stagger walking, wind to make it balance problems, but it maintained the posture of the end or resist the wind, later, it spread my wings, fly down. This is the first time I saw it fly so high, there is no experience of it, apparently strength too big, he rushed to the terrace outside the place, but I as its goal and arms, it can promptly rotary direction, fall to the balcony 20 square yard, surprised me khan Psychologist.
Now, the flight that contains too much hidden trouble and metaphor, its powerlessness and reckless sense make it awkward, but also suggests its desire for flight facts. The next few days, we continue to exercise its flying function. If the bird can't fly, his life would be meaningless. It gradually, not self-consciously in feeding and playing flew to the table and the chair, then, it can be through the lower body, through several steps of jumping, completed from the ground up to my shoulder this segment is not high flight mileage.
Again without seeing it on the roof, roof on that day of all days, but I have long a dream, but only back, will be forgotten. But we still ignore a fact, we live -- ordinary residence, seven stories high, it is not flying upward, reach the clouds, it can completely down, arrived at the tree, when we wake up, it's too late. Susu, as a growing wings and nature desire to fly bird, it always has a day to fly to prove the meaning of life.
The evening, rain, happy in the balcony to play, walk around, pot stones were he took a large, exposed below dark soil, and fish in the fish because of its frequent infestation, hidden in the underwater, Susu 100?? boredom to lie on the tank side, trying to let the fish leap, or found snails and lotus mud, later, it turned to be a body, until the dung into a fish tank, fish swimming more than their dismay. These days, I find, Susu on black dotted objects of special interest, it can accurately to peck a fly, can also put a worm in your mouth, it is not conscious of the grasshopper from the coracoid tip able to sneak into his mouth, and do not make it to escape, it even like black color small stones, bricks in the dust, in the palm of my hand moles, its small eyes recognize objects, are provided with it, so, it can survive in the wild, not be hungry to death.
The Rain God favors this season as the best gift to fall, my eyes started to jump, a premonition that makes my heart beat faster, I cried, Susu, and not used to it a simply reply, out of the window, was coming when terrible silence makes it become deep, dark clouds, I pushed out the door, patio yard, plants and fish tank, used to take the chair and table bird cup in, only the Susu, disappeared. Empty eyes, Susu, this only with me a month's birds, black punctate traces, reigned in sight.
We begin in around four paging, all in perfect silence.
Later, we went down to the front of the building, the trees and grass, anxiety and despair called the name of it, it is like the wind, blows past, and No.
Rain up to the front, flooded all the buildings, it may hide grass trees, even the stones, in the rain, submerged.
Relatives to call, in the rain I heard his children home. He told the Susu, now become our common concern children.
The only child of eighteen years old, his frequent home frustrating, every time I see him, high greatly expression contains somewhat shy, boyish scroll and genial, all of his treason and anger away like a story he surface of benign a shelter, more people believe in his promise, but no one knows why, he again chose to leave, to release their own. I out of the community, in a wide place, in the absence of good land, trying to find the runaway child. Our mouth, into two names, the rain like a sponge, despair, unlimited expansion, until, my tears flow down, become part of a heavy rain in. Must be some what, is that we do not understand, must be some what happiness, we cannot reach. The night because of the rain and the earth to arrive early, in another form, the rain makes things more desperate, and we don't know these despair contains all the meaning.
The process of finding an endless elongate, has gradually expanded the scope, directly concerns into desire good, happy, and the child, is the process of the founder, is also the process of the terminator, they pause, or continue to fly, will make people habigohourt.
At night, the rain has been, an empty street in the street under the irradiation of sad tears. This rainy night, there's something was multiplying, and partners and to death and disappear at the same time also a threat to these new things. Eager to fly, all species are the eternal ideal, despite the arrival process filled with darkness, trap, despair and death, but still keep hair and was repeatedly put into practice. Mother scolded me, it will be a bird, if you are afraid of it away, to cut its wings. I am silent. I can't bear the thought of losing the free bird. Like to imagine that eighteen year old young man dreams cut, let him advance tired of life.
Si's home is full of hardships, it still cannot fly to a certain height to its initial, and if not, it will continue to fly, forget all the past, happy and free. But the child, if he continue his previous trip, will eventually come back, then, he is still very docile and anly, silence, and grew up with a secret, only he knows, the flying process, full of temptation and challenge, it made him the moment, grow up, gradually perfect hair3k.