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requently a comeback

Half a year ago frequently a comeback trend, then no more Yang Yuying, has recently become the TV party "popular guest". Sichuan TV new year, Spring Festival Evening Gala Guangdong TV and Hunan TV has asked her to offer an olive branch. Reporter yesterday learned from informed sources, Yang Yuying has identified Hunan satellite TV broadcast debut in January 17th next year Spring Festival evening, both sides also signed a"Web Content Management Systemcomeback debut" the exclusive agreement. Yang Yuying was also a girl singer. In 1998, Yang Yuying left the singing circle, rarely in singing publicly, farther away from the line of sight of people.

At present major TV" new year"" spring" was running out, Yang Yuying comeback debut, has also become a major television attracts the eyeball" hard currency". The first is spread on the Internet, Yang Yuying Mao Ning will sing Sichuan TV's new year show. Yesterday, Guangdong TV and famously declared, has been formally signed with Yang Yuying. The true mingled with the false news false ones. Yesterday reporter contacts with the Sichuan TV responsible men loose, said that the other side of Yang Yuying, the cooperation has no clear answers. As for the comeback of Yang Yuying worth, Masson would not lower, "hit 200 universal please be worth". But reporters yesterday to get the latest news shows, Yang Yuying will debut Hunan TV Gala, the guest of honor. According to informed sources, Hunan satellite TV," spring" director of the group as early as in more than a month before the start of darkness approached, Hunan satellite TV director group for her to return the first step of the effect, of considerable value,
Website Developmentfor being snatched opportunities, Hunan satellite TV is also presented in this contract" will debut on the Hunan Spring Festival evening return" additional conditions.

In 1998, Yang Yuying left the singing circle, have to the world, has also been to Canada to study. Until 2000, she joined the sisters opened Shenzhen Century Star Culture Limited, the music to start again. But soon disappeared again, up to now already full 11 years. The reporter interviewed a handle attachment in July 24th she put on the music of the famous music teacher Wu Song today, as well as Yang Yuying's friend, learned of Yang Yuying's latest news.

Guangzhou some media is a veteran journalist Shaw, was long reported that Yang Yuying, Yang Yuying's friend for many years. West China metropolis newspaper reporter connection Shaw,
Cable manufacturer when asked about Yang Yuying's situation, he said: "Yang Yuying is quietly living in Shenzhen, she is not married, live with my family." A reporter asked:" her comeback possible?" He said:" little chance."