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Plank type's changing

Plank type's changing a hot machine is the ideal equipments that the liquid-liquid, vapor-liquid carries on hot commutation.It has to change a hot efficiency Gao, hot lose small, the structure tightly packed is agile and cover area small, the gearing clean convenience, applied extensive,outside postpones chipthe service life grow etc. characteristics.Lose a circumstance in the same pressure under, it transmits heat the coefficient ratio tube type to change a hot machine Gao 3-500%, cover area to change 1/3 of hot machine for tube type, the hot recovery rate can be up to above 90%.The plank type changes a hot machine to extensively be applied to metallurgy, petroleum, chemical engineering, food and make professions, such as medicine, ships, spinning and deckle...etc., is a heating, cool off, hot recall, quickly put out the good equipments of the germ etc. use.
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The BR type plank type changes a hot machine choice superior quality to import 304 stainless steel planks manufacturing;The plank slice model number contains BR0.05, BR0.1, BR0.2, and BR0.3~ 0.5...etc..My company since the 80's produced a plank type to change a hot machine,
painful heartin order to absorbing advanced experience of going together the industry at home and abroad, design reasonable, quality credibility, product through department concerned test, and pass the city class technique consultation, extensively adopt for every trade, got universal good opinion.
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BR type series product, the whole machine assemble has common type structure(do not usually dismantle to wash work condition an adoption) and hang type structure(dismantle to wash more multifarious work condition adoption) 2 kinds.
Hang type structure from person graphemic ripples plank slice, seal completely mat, fixedly compress tightly plank,
plate heat exchanger manufacturer middle plank and activity to compress tightly plank, support and up and down position horizontal beam and compress tightly stud bolt etc. the main spare parts constitute.