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passing years

Lights the passing years, you I am still
Time at you I once gripped of the finger sews in slipped away quietly, imitated the Buddha a burst of green smoke, any further have no place can look for.

Originally and suddenly on reading aloud, you I have already left Shang for seven years.

89-year-old age has no evil existence most .The life that the mountain village farmland resides, green Yu spring onion Long faintly discernable of is a put on the Jie color of Noan-noan.

Our morning and night gets along with three years of the most beautiful good time, like pure shallow flowing water, pearl jewellerylead simple life but again quite.
Have already allowed much more of the scene will present in the unconscious, such as you smile for seeing my beginning, Lao at the whole life of trace.

Can't be the memory of previous incarnation, because of the memory of previous incarnation already with transmigration of soul but elapse.Hence, I meet us to mutually acquaint with to mutually know to return to knot for the predestination of this present life and gingerly collect as treasure in the corner of heart.

Just the big current of time washed away you, I allow much more hope, we have never said to mutually guard whole life one a life time at least, even if in mind have already for 1,100 timesed recite!

The years is pale the butterfly fresh gorgeous expression of eyes, I the state of mind that can fold into a paper crane with a plain clean paper, in order to consign me.

Before decade, you return incognizant I, I ain't very either to understand you.

Decade after, I am putting together a writing, crave for return and you is together.

You give my breeze bell, the voice the voice such as Cang sea roars and shouts later on silent light and free, seasonal changes shed leaves, I lightly listen to it to extremely keenly sing and imitate a Buddha you still at my nearby.

Before decade, your my kid Zhi is innocent, decade after, you my elegance is young.Be just seven years of departure,discount women shoes we missed the beauty that each other grows up.Hence, feel like dreamboat while seeing again of vain, hesitate not certain.

You once said you most wanted to do of is a lights, no matter when it is, ability always warm public window.Beginning of kid Zhi words, I still record an in the mind, and always choose to believe.

Lights the passing years,
Patch cord manufactureralthough you I always don't stop over, one petal heart the flower eventually put somewhere and flutter to living joss-stick.