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Now of oneself

Now I'm really tired, have a lot of things in my heart and said no, the sweet and sour pain still...... The so-called friendship didn't give me a hint of warmth, my family always has a constant strife, this makes me very helpless. Sometimes a person cry, still have to smile to face. I don't know if I can go back to me before, now I become self willed and stubborn. svenson 史雲遜護髮中心收費實惠,秋季護髮好幫手
Some things hidden in the heart can not be expressed in words, and perhaps now I am very fragile, nobody see my sadness. The world bring harm to me why, I think of those unhappy things, my heart really good pain. If you can escape, I would like to escape from the reality and the hypocrisy of the world, really tired, when the tears from across the face, just know oneself is so fragile.
In the face of such do not know how to say it. The future, the future for me is a luxury dream, now I don't have any expectation, had no choice but to wait quietly. Aftertaste, there are a lot of things are tainted with the smell of time. Quietly, the old old, but it is a good...... 頭髮護理
Everyone will feel depressed, low tide period that there will not be very long, happiness is the pursuit of each person is not? So who do not want to let your mood up too much time. Even cry, after crying will be much better, even if the vulnerability was seen also never mind, raised his head, still smiling.按揭貸款