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Not in my side

Dear you how not in my side, we have much time to waste.1Two city the distance is nothing, as long as we love each other firm, the firm of the same road. I often think, distance is God's greatest test; survived, is the winner. Dear of, you how not in my side; I really afraid of this distance strength is too big, bring you more and more.2I thought I was living in a competent actor, what role to play. But think of the good is heavy, pressure me; I laugh, are all fake. The original love a person, like a person is not say lie, then hide is through. Dear of, you how not in my side; I really miss you, tears business001.
Remember when you said that, the 2012is not the end of the world, is our start. You said, everything will be fine. I believe, we are one; I dream your dream, you feel sorry for my pain. We agreed to talk, not breaking up a love. Dear, you how not in my side; missing is very heavy, but love you very sweet香港如新集團.
Want to have a look have a look your diary, you miss the heavier, have a look I exist in you between the lines. Also want to have a look you work every time appearance, miss you quietly watching you; never say, never to bother. But do not see, I know you must be very serious and very seriously in efforts, for your wish. Dear, you how not in my side; a dream far away, but the sun is very close.
In 90days, our long love. Others say that long-distance relationship is very bitter, the future is unknown; but you did not retreat, but let me love. I want to take this" love99" folder filled, it may take a lifetime, so, you want to accompany me forever; no way to escape, otherwise I would have launched the world wanted. Dear, you how not at nearby; process may be very long, but it is certainly very beautifulnu skin 香港.
I like you call me girl, much like on the phone to hear you say that you are my Mr W. I want to have long hair, because you have not come to see my long hair. I can be very strong, but I hoped that now and in the future we can share the joy, share the pain. I have many secret box, waiting for you to come down; but only a letter box, belongs only to you, belong to our two. Dear of, you how not in my side; look up at the starry sky, see the moon fasolaxi.7Never loved you before, I belong to this world; love you belong to you, also belongs to the world. What are you saying, I feel particularly classic, unique philosophy. You are saying that everyone is a philosopher, I say that to their meeting come to the conclusion that. Not everyone will have the same talent, you and I are not the same, not to mention others. In fact, my heart is very small, only belongs to you; but also of great, your every act and every move, I have in mind. Dear, you how not at nearby; the world is big, but we are in love hilinda.

8The sun is warm, like you in the side. I said you are my sun, you are not around, but always in my heart豪華.