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Microsoft will launch

Windows Phone" mango" system that Microsoft will launch excellent mobile products
Microsoft mobile computation market early poor performance, but Windows Phone 7, and the subsequent " mango"toshiba tablet system was obtained. Windows Phone systems are not like Apple's iOS and Google Android as widely accepted by consumers, but if the user attempts to use this system, it will be found that the system is excellent.

Display Search analyst Richard Fahim ( Richard Shim ) said:" I think, Microsoft Windows Phone from the experience gained will affect on Windows 8."

Microsoft is trying to developers in the application of Windows Phone, actively carry out marketing and provide support. In addition, Microsoft BizSpark and Mobile Acceleration through Week activities to show related applications. Microsoft these initiatives have achieved certain success, can be expected to Microsoft launched Windows 8 will also adopt similar practices.

If the Windows 8 as Windows Phone" mango" system has a good performance, so users will bring pleasant experience. acer tabletMost of the Android tablet has yet to achieve this point.

Microsoft has another advantage. Although the Windows Phone platform is still not widely used, even without too many recipients, but most of the Windows Phone user already on the operating system to bring experience satisfaction. Therefore, if Windows 8 tablet can obtain the well-known industry figures praise, samsung galaxyso consumers gain ground will not be difficult.