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Making waves


Cold spring, tip has a cold breath, eyes locked in the open garden, flowers, incense came up with, when, looking at the sky, smile. Meet the flower, flower Yan warm hearts. Occasionally a afternoon, just because an accidental click, let me in the boundless net sea meet you, silently into the soul of the world, net margin is all. The Buddha said, one life, one love, perhaps, when a man really in the heart were stationed, that feeling is the way life pain, breath is screamingpontiwinecellars.

Sit in the south of the head, look at you from the north to the dust, eyes with indifferent smile, publicize a scenic road, in fact, I love you so cool, a little bit sad, a little love. Your bright smile let flowers cover, all I see is you, truly, the bones are distributed one kind lets the human forget and hang back.

I look at you, more than the blue sky, find your eyes there lived a love, light and strong, light and not a demon, you want to borrow enough sunlight to hide, just with my eyes, cheeks was burned. When you move, but a passing breeze in your hair, you quietly enjoy the moment of touching, the corners of her mouth, give a person a kind of enronpontiwinecellars.

Will this meet, and then return to the network, through the screen and Huan, separated by distance talk across time and space, comfort the soul, I think the biggest happiness, nor so.

Every morning, you like a cup of coffee on the spirit, to meet the needs of the day, the heart is steadfast, then chat, from south to north, from North moved south, no limit, no worries, in many cases, the language of the soul more than words, we only are considered a smile, we both know, happy good. Midnight moonlight, dim and misty, hand held information, filled with happiness, was standing at a window, looking up at the stars, the legend, it is my wish, can be like the stars, not far away, waiting for youpontiwinecellars.

Silent night, deep, open palm, weak light, is wrong in intricate patterns, only vaguely in the palm of the hand to see printed a word: the plum to open fragrance, only the fragrance. I know, it is your name, a word will be enough, I'll hold in the palm of the hand, Collectible care. You say, the sun and the moon together, never abandon, I like life, only to be allowed, you write painting heartChampagne.