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Love doesn't matter

Yesterday morning 10:30, the weather is a bit sultry and Be located on the area marriage in the Yu of coralline park registry, come the person of register not a few.A lot of persons all form a pair ground, however the purpose of this trip, have great difference.Because have plenty of to get married, have plenty of to divorce.

Heavy celebrate a morning to report while coming in, the reporter is about the high peak period that registers every day.However peace go to cover the prospects seeing is totally different.Get married inside the registry at this time, only have a rightnessXu Huangof New appointees matrimony.Come to a rightness of New appointees again after 10 minutes, the young young man is still very surprised:The person got married, how so little?

The bride's side saw his one eye and directly said a sentence:You don't know Yao, the method of the marriage has now new rules, the house affair didn't agree verbally and said to get married, all hesitating of a lot of females hey!
Yesterday morning, in the Yu area marriage registry, weighed to celebrate a morning to report a reporter fully foolish 1 and a half hours, registry carried out 3 rightnesses of matrimonies registers.

"Formely, generally register quantity every day at 25 rightnesses of or so."The registry staff member says."Seeing from these half month, come to register conjugal New appointee here, was a ratio to is little before a lot of."cheap women shoesA staff member says.Certainly, the data can explain a problem most .

The new department solves formal carry out on August 13, the area marriage in Yu registry provided before the 13th empress two weeks of matrimony register data:August 1-totally carry out to conclude to marry 361 rightnesses on August 12;August 13-August 26, totally carry out matrimony to register 216 rightnesses.A same matrimony registry, similarly 10 workdays, registers quantity to differ 145 rightnesses.

The new department solves to carry out an empress of these half month, registered quantity  DVB T RECEIVERto reduce 40%.Also reduced above 30% compared with the same period of last month and the same period of last year.