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Life has some strange phenomenon

Recently, Korea from Gimpo some restaurants in the city often heard "Here Comes bowl too " sound. In another point of eating rice pollack soup , when most of the guests will point bowl of rice. This is an ordinary jobs ( 210 g ) compared to 80 grams less " bowl type " jobs , the price of 500 won , which is half the price of existing rice .
South Korea to carry out " half-bowl too " campaign , both money and the environment , no wonder as word of mouth, to participate in a number of restaurants from last year's 30 to the current 150 . In this regard , the majority of customers are welcome , but not everyone can be happy . One customer on disgust and said: . " Feels like leftover rice"
Life has some strange phenomenon : a high-end mobile phones and 70 % of the features most people never used ; a limousine, only 70% of the rate reflected in the scale ; building luxury villas, 70% of the space is empty significant ; meal gluttonous feast , 70% of the food finally had drained ; lot of social activities, 70% are boring empty ; a house clothing items, 70% idle useless ...... conclusion is : enjoy life hold "30%" will be good , the " 70% " more terrible waste .
The existence of " 70 percent " waste , which is an indisputable fact. Stop and refused to waste the whole society and each person's efforts.
A person living in the world, their food, clothing , housing, use , transportation, rely on the earth and the sky , such as the sun , land , trees , rivers, animals and so on. Like food production, in ancient times is usually an invisible hand , and sometimes it can even subvert the armored cavalry to let the counsel of countless heroes lost, but also determines the fate of many dynasties and regimes . Food production has also a topic irreplaceable , social stability the most important material basis to some extent. Do not attach importance to food多種維他命 production, waste food , it is tantamount to self-destruct homes. I was in his home for dinner, eat Finally, the last grain of rice must eat clean , otherwise, the grandfather of chopsticks will hit my head. Occasionally , grandfather, grandmother also warned me : "Who , if just a waste of food , liable Thunder split ! " Perhaps, this is the most primitive of education, the most primitive beliefs , particularly associate grandfather , fathers wore in the fields sun planting harvesting scenarios , and finally made ​​me have a sense of awe for food , and so far dared any waste升降桌

Experience , it is important for a person . Some people , the blind pursuit of material enjoyment , tired of substances that can not find themselves, find direction . Because of its lost his insight and assertive . I do not know what to ask for, what should be ; what the reservation , which should be retained; what too much, which is too small, the whole blind greed and more greed greed is good, greed , his own ring in the wall material , the end How can we not become captive substances ? People , different from other animals , because people have a spiritual world , as well as spiritual pursuit . Material comforts are temporary , the spiritual quest is forever . Each Yuzuo "where there " who may wish to ask yourself : How my life , " with 30% of their own , cherish their 70% " mean ?史雲遜有效