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LED is colourful

All of LED is colourful to show a big market
LED namely gives out light diode, being 1 kind can convert electric power for it is thus clear that light of semi-conductor spare part.Recent one in the last years, regardless is at central is still a local government pedestal of"25" programming, all take LED light source technique into strategic newly arisen industry to come to point to develop.Multiply by the east breeze of policy, the capital market will soon welcome an incorporated company that new-born strength Shenzhen City is allied to set up optoelectronics(300269, )

The medium high level application brings a big market

Allied set up optoelectronics to establish in 2003, is one in home high level all of LED are colourful the shown to apply the system of product solution provides a company,person worry being national high new technique business enterprise and optical Chinese photoelectron profession association LED to show application cent will the vice- chairman of the board unit and industry and information-based department flat panel show technique the standard work constitute member unit and LED industry standard alliance core member's unit in Shenzhen City and Shenzhen City high new technique industry association managing director's unit.

Unite to set up optoelectronics have had been concentrating on to provides to include a project design, product manufacturing, engineering service and technique to support for customer since the company established and the product lease at inside of the system solution of "product+ serve",International on-line news the high level LED the advertisement medium applied realm contains obvious advantage outdoors, is domestic accept to set up one to hold the body XXL-sized LED of more than 1,000 ㎡s to show the most manufacturer in product amount.

According to the statistics, 2009 whole years local LED show to apply the production value scale of product to come to a 14,000,000,000 dollars, among them whole colourful show to apply the scale of product to attain 6,500,000,000 dollars.Predict according to the profession association, local LED will show an application product in the future the market will keep the high-speed growth of above 20%, till 2013, the domestic shows application market scale to attain 24,100,000,000 dollars or so.

Medium high level LED the product belongs to make to order to turn a product, the great majority are Gao for value, craft opposite complications of whole colourful show application product, with recruit to bid of engineering item is lord, all have a high request to the development design, production, and technique support...etc. of business enterprise, therefore having is more large-scale and can provide manufacturer's less of "product+ service" solution, profession concentrated the degree is opposite and higher.

The system project that unites to set up optoelectronics as "product+ service" provides a company, the experienced competitive advantage inside the industry is obvious
Wan marriage.Understand according to the reporter, unite to set up optoelectronics to deduce in the satge the LED application is placed in a market to lead position, all of big size LED are colourful the shown to hold in the market quota has tallestly, the amount profession of big screen ranks the first.

The someone private queries LED productivity excess, to this, unite to set up optoelectronics president Liu Hu Jun to point out, LED productivity excess isn't LED to show to hold productivity excess, but upper stream chip, seal to pack product excess."LED upper stream productivity the excess make the downstream creation cost lowered, applied market demands increment, apply a product to reduce price, say for the buyer, on the contrary lowered purchasing cost."Liu Hu Jun means.

Illuminate a market to rely on whole colourful show

The Chinese building City meets currently cold, at to the influence of the LED profession up, the LED manufacturer widespreadly thinks, LED got into a family to just just start, the general consumer still could not accept higher LED of price lighting product, the main business come from the government engineering item, isn't strong with the relativity of real estate market currently.

Therefore, though LED illuminates a market to be seen as"illuminate revolution for the third time" and anticipate the market scale leads a trillion, and brought a new profits growth to order for the whole LED industry, the present condition of "gruel many monks are as well many" makes LED illuminated a business enterprise to face a huge challenge as well.

Also positive as it does, though Liu Hu Jun also throws vision to LED illuminate market, isn't residents' lighting, but subdivide very few someone in the market pays attention to of advertisement light box lighting.

"With advertisement light box one square meter invest 1000 dollars calculation, the whole country would once have the market of 10,000,000,000 dollars.Allied set up optoelectronics to depend on original LED show to hold of the advertising agency customer's resources, make the companies illuminate realm to have the highest competitive advantage in LED,
combines building divide in this cake very easily at least 5 hundred million-1,000,000,000 market quotas."Liu Hu Jun thinks that China illuminates a market in LED currently up of don't to 1% permeate a rate still, the company will develop space in the future will very huge.