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Landscape is not met

That day, I walk a long road, is to see the peach, but missed the blooming period, not at the end of March, caught in a red flowers. So, I went through the gate, streamer, fiery kapok bloom, the dyeing and grass, forest of silence, I close my eyes in the temple in the mist, folded silently bless you, peace and joy, thousands of words blessing, in rising chanting sound in silence, I dialed does not come loose Xiangwu, rejection does not move by acoustic, difficult to cross you wipe the eye water, the master asked me open my arms, let me lay down, do not know can not read, not read can not eat, not eat can not drunk ... ... While not drunk can still?Seeing you, is the Phoenix flower season. That day, a cloudless blue sky, such as Dai Yuan-Shan, Phoenix flower in this season of the year, open and not very bright, I really want I meet you scenery described as video Ewha Chunshui so soft, so that reflect in my eyes, in addition to your Sunsun gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, and the scenery, thereafter, to see as much as I can more easily yamaarashi, forget you, miss, are no longer obsessed, like this, I might be able to once again live for themselves, to live out my dreams of Lujiang juvenile.The most wonderful thing you think you cannot close to people like you, yes, more wonderful, life gives small hope hold you to live tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll walk you through the familiar streets, see carrying a red backpack to you, to me the way, a smile on my friend said, I think you do not eat it. I really want to go to you and make you, hey, a smile, please. You smiled, I took the opportunity to blow your nose, you stare at me so ... ... Everything is so natural, I promise you, I will try my best to stay around you, until one day, you said you didn't want me, you well, I will return to the original place.You well or not, has nothing to do with me again. I used to be like an actor, sometimes crying, sometimes laugh, in the course of time, do not know this sadness is others, or their own, I can see the protagonist's sadness, see through" the passions, read in different poses and with different expressions of love ... ... The funny thing is, I can't swim out of your touch eyes water, a hard, trying to interpret your sorrows and joys, I believe, I the passions by not me, you are OK, I am happy peaceful basis. The master said, is this your read most ordinary love, can you jumpofficialofficial2011?

I want to go out now. Don't know, but if the joys and sorrows of attachment, such as Zen cloud, forget yourself, can in this way, the immortal, I did not complete. Let I how willing you inadvertently splash-ink tenderness, your sweet soft September sun, they are just students imprinted in my life, put down, came to completion and significance. Don't read, who is crazy, not ignorance, but the students drunk my young. If you can do easily put down, jump out of jail, keep out of the affair, I will laugh at the world hundred condition, not the whole life to forgetcupwater.

Incense Madadayo, worship Buddha, candle lamp, prayerful, not to the mind, is sincere, I was fishing, doomed to wander, dare not ask, if seek mercy, since is lucky, if not, sincere heart to bless you. I'm from too much dust, in all the way to the muddy, too too complex, I casually Wade, pulling me is the endless desire, such a person can love. Your parents grew up in asylum, Enron, otherworldly, if known to me, will be Chu Huo, and you should not be so, I hope so, I keep the pure good roots, I hope next time I can also make a return to a well groomed young mandoureimi07 ... ...