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In seventeen years

In seventeen years, my life was a little. Look forward, faced with the university entrance exam scores, but embarrassed himself; look back, walked the road, can only blame themselves too strong and don't work hard. Stand in the gap at the crossroads, people are hurrying to and fro. Street prosperity, heart like a lot of worms in the biting my heart, pain and anxiety. I removed my dream, let my life is a mess.
Only a short while ago, we fortunately high aim, determined to become the national pillar. Now think, is really funny. Broken youth has gone largely, remaining a also no use. The war has not finished, we like defeated soldiers, a gray, full of negative. This is our generation "characteristics", this is my disorderly youth.
At this moment, I take a thick book, sitting in the spacious classroom, the heart has already gone. The blackboard equation headache, compared with this, I love the blue sky and white clouds. They are clear and pure, deductive real beauty. Look at them, always let a person feel. At that time, I thought of my dream, so I hurried to write it down, fantasy and published a good article. Yes, I have a dream.
Not everyone has the writing talent, but a lot of people are very hard and persevere. So today, we saw so many excellent works. And I, two are not available, there is nothing but a popular words. I am with a yearning heart, write I thought enough phrase," know the world, the high. I'm like a frog in a well, the world is so small, stupid and ridiculous.
Now, my dream has been to be reduced to fragments, maybe I can be a writer, but I still want to interpret a dream. I love writing, as long as I have been written down, the dream will follow it to the end.