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I also deeply love

If love please hold my hand, hold my body, touching my soul, close to my life, walk together, go to every spring summer autumn winter.If love please wipe my eyes residues in the wind, feeling my heart, understand me, forgive me, always concerned about me, care about me! With help, never abandonair conditioner cleaning.
If love please accompany me together through the wind, through obstacles, and even death, we the adversity sees the true feelings, we laugh togetherUSB, cry together, I will always stay here by your side, you do this to me, moved back, your love, your strength, your thoughtful, careful, and the jade white inside, let me cannot bear to part from each other, even more treasure, the more you attract more eyeballscrystaltrophyshop.If love please give you to me, our experience with the vicissitudes of life, have time to polish, experience the wind and rain wash, no matter when and where, no matter I do this as long as enduring as the universe, one's whole life, we hand in hand to the old, conjugal love getlcarnitines.