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Honey, I leave you quietly

Craving for a long time there has been no snow falling , the wind howls beating only open old windows. Outside the city streets pedestrian gradually gathered , businesses and stores headlong and green , from time to time came the train blew away , inadvertently , year, has sounded the horn. You are doing the hotel restaurant , the Chinese New Year happens to be the busiest time , so we can not go home with the New Year and parents reunited. 去眼袋方法Tomorrow, I'm going to come home to embark on the road , leaving you all alone jealously guarding Konggui . Sigh sigh , along the way together far more than marriage , of separation from the heart is always arouses infinite sadness and bear down , if I could , I would like to have all the warmth rub parting tomorrow , you do not warm my share of cold days . Not heartless , nor heartless , but since the family has dusk father and mother , waiting for my return date once a year , even if we have all the answers dismay , I still need to leave you. To go, lazy time suddenly became tense , I feel a lot of things waiting to do it. Before leaving to go to the supermarket trip , grain vinegar sauce , hoarding groceries for you , your day till night, did not have time to go shopping . Fridge for you to save the fish, eggs, pasta dumplings , fruits and vegetables , eat what they took out of the cooking ; linen bed sets, I've been clean in closet , you just go home put on the line ; I take your clothes dry-cleaning shop downstairs , bar one on the desk ; your cotton slippers I have a good wash , drying on the balcony , watching the weather could not do two or three days , you will be wearing my bar ; wait a minute , I carefully cleaned the room again, remove all rubbish ; What else ? By the way, do not forget to go to the hospital a few days to review it, look at your state of mind these days , I think it should be no big problem , in addition, do you like my pickled fish , practices and procedures I have written on scraps of paper , you shining on it ; there utilities, net charge of what I have to get them delivered , what else ?史雲遜 Temporarily not remember , you're a lot of unfinished matters magnanimous it. Previously these things are you doing personally , I was a walk away dispensers , my wife, you work hard, even though I did come a little rusty , but let me at this time leaving something for you to do it . Perhaps the middle-aged , like nostalgia , I think we first saw the time , I think of this years you pay for me , bit by bit , though I'm not good confession , but my heart is always filled with a moving . What a wonderful fate wanted to put you and I had a strange two people separated by thousands of miles away to pull together , among others do not believe that we can think at it, because you and I are two of the world entirely . You are a hotel manager, gallop in the business battlefield , red wine in a toast to the green light , joke among aplomb , it was a tumultuous political arena. And my house at home , sitting in front of screens every day , ears do not hear out of the window , beating the solitude of writing, only Shen sleep in his own article in the joys and sorrows , it was a lonely quiet world . A static one move, you always arena Chung clouds moving wind waves everywhere , my world was calm and no microwave Lan , your style arena and the atmosphere because of your heroic , my character because my world and sentimental, you see more secular utilitarian so disillusioned this lofty Red , in the human predecessors ease , my world was only childish simplicity , emotions full in the face, crowded communication difficult, you have experienced too many variables arena , the storm hit, you always smiled to overcome this , I only own romantic inside the cocoon woven around itself , can not stand a little trouble . Two such different people actually experienced the hardships of success together, no wonder the world is worrying our marriage . In fact, not all , when you come back from work , wash Ukiyo Magnificence , returned to his wife's role , you are still a woman thousands of tenderness , and I was your return , but also dream was awakened from nothingness , back to reality in the past. Get some snacks, standing on the ride , light pour slowly discretion , you talk about today 's knowledge, I turn to write a new work , wash finished , double- lying bed, off the phone , no socializing phone messages harassment, you play your Landlords, my next chess and do not bother me , though quiet but warm. This life we have traveled together three carrier , nothing spectacular , but in dull day stay forever, not for too much, just wanted to spend , in plain truth , that is a difficult repair happiness. Gently, I will leave you , before parting wrote these are not some long-winded up ? Tomorrow bang whistle , cut two Acacia , respectively, in order to perhaps have a more long-term . Parting can make shallow emotions weaken , parting also make deep and sincere emotions become more profound , a little regret , but not melancholy , a little disappointed , but not sad , after all, there is solace in the hope of reunion and thought. Without my day, you have to take care of yourself , hungry, eat , plus clothes on cold , not hot hand when boiling , carefully stab fish when out door electrical fire gas, shut doors and windows before going to sleep , go to bed when quilt cover . Exhort , seems to fit the heart , in short , please take care of your own , I will do the day after will you remember . Little people are away tears , let me wipe your tears your eyes , once again you affectionate hug and let love left between lips and teeth , so that the temperature of each other in each other's warm body , to bring love and miss , floating in the distance with me tomorrow .外傭