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Autumn health four

( 1) prevent dryness in autumn

Dryness wounding, easily hurt the human body fluid, fluid is expensive, will appear as manifestations of dry mouth, dry, dry lips, nose dry, dry throat, tongue dry less moist, dry stool, skin dry and chapped. Joy profit and evil lung dryness, pulmonary function is affected necessarily, will appear the nasopharynx dry, hoarseness, dry cough with little sputum, thirst, constipation and a series of autumn dry disease.

How to prevent dry yin? The doctor Hu Sihui in " food was about to drink " in say: autumn air dry, Yi Shi Ma run its dry. Autumn should eat sesame, honey, white fungus, green vegetables like soft food, as well as pears, grapes, bananas and other moisture rich, Ziyin lungs fruit.

Living in the early to bed and early to rise. Early to bed early to Yin, a breath of fresh air, for the benefit of Shufei, can make the body fluid is sufficient, be full of treatment

( 2) preventing dampness

Fall from autumn to frost has 6 solar term. At this point, the summer heat is not over, already a lot of rain fall, this time against damp evil, trapped injured spleen yang and edema or diarrhea. If the early autumn of splenic injury in wet, will winter chronic bronchitis and other diseases of the root cause, so autumn wet prevention is key.

Damp proof should be mainly to dampness stagnation of stomach and spleen, catering mainly. Such as lotus seeds, barley, winter melon, lotus root, yam Cleaning service.

( 3) to prevent drafts

Autumn climate is changeful, big temperature difference between day and night, hot and cold arrhythmias, often causes the human to be taken by surprise, draft will often take advantage of a weak point, make people ill.

Autumn breeze blowing, some people love fenestration and sleep. Sleep in the human immune function is reduced, the cool breeze blows the surface dust and bacterial virus can take advantage of a weak point, be Chinese medicine called draft.

By night draft invasion, the very next day will body aches, fatigue, can also cause pharyngitis, bronchitis, mouth askew oblique eyes, facial nerve paralysis.

Anti pirate wind method is : on the one hand, pay attention to dress, cover, do not arbitrarily reduce clothing; on the other hand, not prematurely put on cotton-padded clothes, autumn to freeze, will be on the draft resistance.

( 4) prevent fall Yu

In late autumn, Qifeng miserable rain, grass leaves, people feel the seasons change easily from sorrow. The bottom, there is a call to the pineal gland, can secrete a kind of melatonin, which make people depressed, depression. But after the fall, the relative number of pineal melatonin secretion, corresponding to low negative human emotions 家居清潔.

How to prevent Qiu Yu?

First of all, don't break the rule of life, the mood is not good, what to do or do what.

Secondly, should be appropriate to eat more high protein food, such as milk, eggs, pork, mutton and beans.

Also participate in some healthy recreational activities, such as dance and other 脫髮.

Autumn should ascend hiking, mountaineering activities is the gold season, in the mountains, in between heaven and earth, can enhance the body's breathing and blood circulation function.