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Happy life

The north wind blew out of the window screamed window paper, La direct sound, because the weather is too cold, snowy eaves infants also hangs in the noon of the snow and ice. My boring lying in the window above the roof was blown off the snow was spinning round and round in the yard a heart trouble, his mother too cold did not send me to the kindergarten will not allow me to play outside, close at home bored to me is very boring, I stand in the window bench to glass above the spit.,hybrid cloud and then hand to pull the 1234 letters in Arabia.In my bored time, saw in the street side of the alley side aunt took a little boy came into the yard. I'm excited shouts: Mom, aunt to the party! With a child! 

Working mothers get sent to the door, put the party 's and the boy let into the house. Mouth also said: come on, how cold it is today! I carefully looked at the boy, and I like almost big, round face with a pair of lovely big eyes, nose a bit flat nose, looking dignified and strong look smart.

When I see party at home and I said:did not go to kindergarten? That is, the two of you play together. This is my grandson, named Gon Freecss, had just come from xi'an.

Although I am very happy and to a small group of friends, but I'm not familiar with the boys and, he was looking at me, blown red face on shy smiling at me. The party 's name Gon Freecss boy to me and said: do not come down, and Gon Freecss 's house playing Doctor degree

So Gon Freecss and I met, know that his parents are university professors, sent him to Beijing to grandma home to go to school, because Chinese is not good, on vacation when he stay in Beijing, hope him to get rid of that a bit of Mandarin accent. From then on as long as it is not kindergarten days I and Gon Freecss play together, his grandmother always wanted me to teach him some learned in kindergarten。

because the surrounding neighborhood children at home alone in my kindergarten. So every day I play for a while in his home, for a long time to feel this Gon Freecss is a little spoiled like a hypocritical girl.

Gon Freecss is very unreasonable, chess can 't win, lose would pouted to several days. I don't care about that, he ignored me and ignore it, my little partner there is. At this time his grandmother and I say good words, allows Gon Freecss to apologize to me,women clothing brands  I can be kind and generous to forgive him.