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Good scenery

Now, he has the age of 40, look back the past, except in a normal school, in a university study, all the time, I stay in the mountains. I eat in the mountains in the mountains in the mountains of sleep, still the mountains in the mountains to raise their children married at Amari Takei's parents, so the years, now already, a full thirty years. Thirty years of life in the mountain village, deep in my heart, more than a hill can not leave the emotion.
I remember a classmate in the network meet me, surprised at how I still stay in the mountains? I don't understand his expression in the internal substance, but indifferent to him, laughing, and then on a keyboard with a red text in good, mountain home is paradise.
Living in my nature, away from city noise pollution, green with flowers, birds and full ears. More importantly, I'm here, every day and the honest unable to simple villagers live, live in them, there is no real fighting for fame and fortune, to avoid debate, intrigues, down a rare quiet. With a close confidante of previous conversation, I told her, I my best wishes, is the day to hide in a quiet corner, quietly bask that not the money sun, in the sun reading to drink tea, then write only you can read text, express their inner in the a real feelings. Mountain home, make me this wish fully satisfied. In the afternoon sunshine, if have leisure time, I will withdraw from the room a chair, a cup of tea, under trees or grass quietly seated. Leaves of grass is a spiritual thing, they are quietly accompany me to read Shen Congwen, read his reading of Jia Pingwa I thought, in that exude ink fragrance slowly precipitation, vision, will be in black text consists of moving statement linger. Lively essays, make me feel the writers humor, to share their life born delight in my brain, into their thought gallop arbitrary motion field.
I think, the sun sets, it's getting dark. I stretch, walked into the room, the wife is reeky, make meal, sealed in a pressure cooker, and the dishes, but also in wok, put on the fire. Paella braving the hot aroma, while thermal comfort eating, playing two loud burp, I always feel to do sotickcksmmoth's Journalsmmoth's diarysmmothszetamsmmoth on Mancouch青春做伴.