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furniture industry

Scanning China furniture industry, we find Da Vinci home furnishing and false" ocean" brand of the island, it is only the present chaotic China furniture industry the tip of the iceberg. Price behind furniture, a large number of local Chinese manufacturing" ocean" brand, that cannot read but very significant modern ocean, only domestic furniture is covered with a "foreign PI .".
Packed hole is" ocean" brandproperty mortgage
Walk down a large furniture stores, of greet most furniture store brand name is to use combination of letters, some Chinese Pinyin Quanpin, some are from the first letter of the alphabet consists of the initials, but next to follow several Chinese, just cannot read. In addition to the name, the business slogan or put up posters are fully distinguished identity. "The feelings of Italy original design"" noble life, from Europe,"" classic British leisure".pearl jewelryThese foreign name brands of furniture more than half have claimed the European-American descent, Italy, British, the United States, Germany and other countries.
Local brand furniture covered with a layer of "foreign" skin, let a person very easily mistaken for imported furniture, plus its high price, consumers in the purchase of often to care too much about the sales staff " one-sided only word". Consumers in the hall to see is already removed packaging, installation of good furniture, packaging and packaging on the identification label, only after the purchase receipt can be seen, this also increases the risk of purchaseChampagne.
In fact, the furniture industry and foreign brand chaos long-standing: false tagging, false propaganda, gold-plated foreign brands, distribution chaos, authorized OEM labeling phenomenon in the furniture industry has already spread. I heard a dealer said, domestic and imported under the banner of" export to the domestic" products can be said to account for the import of furniture more than 95%,
plastic bag manufacturermostly in Guangdong area by the generation of factory production. For example, the same set of sofa, mark local brand, the price at 8000 yuan; if the annotation of Chinese asset, the price at 20000 yuan; if the markup produced in the United States, the price increased to 7-8 million yuan, if it is produced in Italy is more expensive.
These so-called" ocean" brand furniture, known as the " import" solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, many are in big core board as the main raw materials such as leather furniture paste. However, at the beginning of this year, relevant departments of Zhejiang market sampling observation discovers, nominal" solid wood" furniture furniture detection qualified rate of zero. Numerous manufacturer dare not Wei,
office furniture damage the interests of consumers, mainly because of a wooden sign to sell leather furniture paste, profit broke up a few times, some profit can be high up to several hundred percent, while the real solid wood furniture profits are not high, only 15% to 30%靜脈曲張.