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feelings very good

In a strange mountain village, there are such a sisters, a pair sister since the childhood feelings very good.

Takes the entrance examination of university that year at her elder sister, because of study strain, so be still going  to have a class in the evening.

That night, she says to the younger sister:I had a class to walk.

The younger sister says:Come back earlier!Careful on the road!

The penny of time is an in the past, the younger sister estimates Yao to wear an elder sister to come back:How still don't come back?

The younger sister is left to hope right hope, be wait not arrive returning of elder sister.

She waits of a little bit impatient, call her parents, their families seeks an elder sister.

Sought all places of village, but, is the trace and shadow that cans not finds an elder sister.

Families, the facial expression is some flurried, some worry, a bit anxious ……

Finally found out an elder sister in a small forest by the side of the village.

She at that time the deep slumber is over there, the parents saw, very surprised!

Because the elder sister dress Shan not and wholely lies over there, an on every occasion.The younger sister fainted at that time ……

On the second day, be the younger sister wakes up of time, she knows an elder sister yesterday …yesterday drive****.

Younger sister at that time sink for a long time, hasn't been uttering a word.

The parents say to the younger sister:This matter doesn't want to tell others, because this relate to to your elder sister of in the future with later life.

The younger sister has no language ……

A day time and a day of past, the elder sister and younger sisterses all opened widely.That matter also only their families know.That is also the shadow of their house.

The parents have been cutting and polishing to seek an object for elder sister, finally and one day, the elder sister found out a suitable object.

The elder sister gets in touch with with her object very pleased.The elder sister at that time's seeming to forget he or she is no longer a virgin, the oneself good elephant is that the princess is similar, there is keeping company with of prince, is the theest theest most happy girl in world.That boy also very likes an elder sister, to she is to go along with every wish.

Younger sister's seeing is very delighted, the in the mind silent orison:Hoping the elder sister found out his/her own good marriage and made the elder sister's life been like forever similar now, be like a life at heaven in of the angel is similar and live the life that the happy peace and health quells forever.The younger sister prays like this.

But, none of everything is to the utmost like person's idea.

Will betroth at the elder sister and brother-in-law of time, elder sister told him, she wasn't a virgin and let other people in the childhood****.

The brother-in-law is getting more startled!Led in a short while, time wait that boy to respond to come over, say to the girl:I can not accept you, we …let's still spread.Calculate I can accept you, my family also …can don't necessarily accept this ruthlessness fact as well.

Girl what don't also say, walk.

Return to a house, the younger sister sees elder sister's mood low to fall, ask:What matter?The elder sister says:Be free, sleep, are you going to go to school tomorrow.The younger sister didn't be asking ……

On the second day, be the younger sister releases from school to return to a house of time, see the parents being weeping over.Return to a house, see the elder sister being dressed in a pure wedding dress to lie on the bed.

The younger sister was getting more silly at that time.Puts the empty bottle of sleeping pills on the table.The younger sister's tears fell down at that time, shouting of horselaugh:You why so silly?Why to abandon me?Cry of sob, fainted 34 times, awake cry again, the parents also follow to weep over over there.

The father loudly shouts:Good heavens!My older generation son exactly did what Nie!You are so miscellaneous to me and also have my family!

Their families discovers that the elder sister has a letter and stays to the younger sister after give°ing the elder sister's funeral to do.

Say like this in the letter:

Younger sister:

Forgive an elder sister, because I am really the stroke that accepts to can not stand reality to me.I wasn't a maiden matter I to say for your brother-in-law.He says:He can not accept fact like this, his family also not ability, because they can not accept the fact that I ain't Huang Hua Da Dun's virgin.

Younger sister forgives me!You want to thoroughly look after parents hereafter.Not be forgetting, your commitment to me.

I only put on this pure wedding dress and take to have stain body and heaven seek a person who can accept me.

Forgive my this silly elder sister ……!!!

Saw that letter, younger sister the malicious bottom heart came and completed her to promise to the elder sister at that time, that was the last university.

What a time flies!The younger sister indeed as expected completed her commitment to the elder sister and passed examination university.

At pass examination university of that day of, she goes to the elder sister's grave up, cry to say to the elder sister:Elder sister, I completed to you of promise.I want to seek boyfriend with my way.If you have been already worked properly on sky, you looking at a younger sister, I how use you of the way seek boyfriend.

In the university life, the younger sister is really a female big 18 change.She becomes a standing gracefully and marks very much of girl.Usually the girl like this doesn't lack a boy to make track for, because that is the boy's ideal object within heart.

Whenever the younger sister associates with a boy a period of time after, will say to the boy:I ain't a virgin.Do you want me?

But each boy all of first reactions BE:Surprise, startled foolish over there.

Whenever the girl sees a circumstance like this, head also can't of walk ……

The year of university graduation, she was recruited a network company and also had no lack of a boy to make track for over there, because beauty, who don't love?

But girl a say that she isn't maiden of time, boy of first performance similar to those people's performance in school.

A day, the company comes to Gao Da Dun, handsome again the sunlight boy's son with sheer flavor.He has already been foolish in the company to have no much to rise a job for a long time.

In the company, a lot of girls all again and again release a love to the boy.

But this boy discover, a girl is unconcerned to him.

Afterwards he discovered this girl not only hasing qualities, but also stilled being full of woman's flavored.But why make track for for the nobody?

So, he launched to pursue to the girl of offensive, the girl sees arrive so a handsome boy pursue himself/herself, and this handsome boy is top and bottom all girls and prince within hearts of company and start pursuing oneself now, I …I …why do I want to refuse?

She associated with that boy a period of time ……

She leads very happily and almost forgot oneself to want that sentence that says to the boy that time.

Afterwards, one day, she heel that boy together, the girl says to that boy:Execuse me, I concealed you so for a long time, I want to say to you now, I ain't a virgin, do you want me?

That boy is similar to the the boy's reactions in past, surprise, startled foolish over there!

Girl's being like usually one doesn't return as well of walk!

Return to dormitory, the girl flowed tears for boy for the first time, because she is really to love that boy.But …

But, he how heel past of the male of similar?He is at precinct chief in the city big, how to return thought ……

Girl always in the thinking, the tears has been being flow, crying to cry asleep.

Led for a day, two days like this ……

When the company meets, they are like a stranger.

At a rain heavy rain of night, the girl drinks coffee in the coffee shop and looking at the rain view out of the window, the mood is a little bit heavy, hence thought of him.

Not and in a short while, she saw a figure for acquainting with.Is him!Is him!He takes fresh flowers and pours in heavy rain ……

He loudly says:Soft, I love you!!!What I loved isn't your body, but you that is pure but again clean and pure soul.I considered so for several days and was just thinking, how can I be similar to those vulgar persons?I am a life to have a cultural family in 1 in, my thought not ability similar to them!I can not tie up in the traditional thought!I should get rid of feudalistic thought!I ……I ……I know wrong!Forgive me!I …I love you …marry me!……

The girl boycotts not to live his/her own emotion any further and ran to go out, the hurl embraces in the boy's bosom.2 people hugged to each other in rain and imitated a Buddha to all stop for time.By this time the girl in mind and silently says to the elder sister:Elder sister!I found out my own true love.Thank you!

The night in the nuptial chamber of their 2 people, the surprising detection of that boy, this a girl is still a virgin!Ask:why?

The girl finished everythings to all completely and all tell a boy.Boy surprise's saying:You …you …you of the way of doing is right!I can marry you are a wife and really accumulated eight generation sons of virtuous!

The girl delightedly lies on the boy's bosom silly smile!What she smiled is so sweet\so of happiness ……!!!
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