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Far view


Shallow summer, scenery remains the same, with recall. Always used to open the drawer, inadvertently opened a book printed with exquisite sentence diary, that sentence is: if this life, I can see you leave, then that, I have already forgotten

Yes, some of the scenery, like when a person quiet meditation, such as rewind the film, scenes although mottled yellow, are still clear as yesterday; the shifting sands of the past, at the time of the hand in condensed into a graceful forever, waterfront vast, sand million years. Forget thoughts continuously, may be all true becomes fuzzy, fuzzy to no tenderness of feeling, like watching others scenery interpretation of a time went by., as if everything is far away from me; such as watching the falling leaves in autumn, with the wind flow shame, because I never know, then, a deep remorse in the depths of the soul becomes touch on lightly; perhaps, most touches heart sorrow sad framed in red fall into shallow summer fingertips, even light dip ink pen no, wrote many past promises to time and again in the season dropping tears. It was a glimpse of Luigi Nono agreed, is turned into the palm holding sand, wind cleared; flourishing annihilation as a romantic themes curtain call, only one die; gazing at the cold on shallow summer elegant blue Yan, stigmata, with gentle untraceable合身婚紗.

I stuck in time starting point, fantasy beautiful landscape, in the away end looking back smile, let me hold the reservation in the remnant cream when one piece red, in the heart of the pages, Philippine sea life turned into. Shallow summer alone, in the agreement with you, seems to have once again go round and begin again, the beach, and green alternating desolate, eyebrow of concentrated green word full tones, sliding a breeze lines, your elegant green, reflected in the eyes of elegant into smart campanula. Seem, blowing the melodious music, speak in measured tones of voice telling me lo shallow heart, with an ancient story, the old into a breeze, inadvertently slipped into my loneliness; so, I started xixilili, endless rain fall香港印刷公司.

Always goes in here and there, remote grip obsession always could not break away the dark surrounds, when the night coming moment, you will be floated away in shallow summer time, moving shadow, will not catch hurried footsteps, there is your landscape, you won't like me, always let the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum downtown, Kuru heart, I hurtmissyou |lovemother |愚愛 |smilele |peaccee |weihaa |babylaa.

 Shallow the summer for you blank notes; stop moment, an aryl stunning looking back, to the wind and rain. Laughs at you away, if there is one corner, maybe we would have met there脫髮.