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enter romantic dinner

With match to rent two womans to totally enter romantic dinner

Time:February 23-on the 25th

Location:The section all of the areas 3023 units 701 rooms

Two days that stars, Chen Cong rents in the section all of the areas is them from think the most happy day.Chen Cong gives an account that two of hims totally entered two very romantic dinners with two young womans matching to rent.When led the cook's Catering ServiceChen Cong to display his cooking, made him realize warmth of "house" for brief two days.But when Chen Cong buys a time to print the general public notice of oneself's photograph of newspaper after, 2 people start fleeing elsewhere again.
After finishing buying a clothes, stars, Chen Cong negotiates to rent a house in the neighborhood.According to their parlance, want to rent a house conceals next go to, as for time then unknown, probably 10 days, 20 days, even longer.2 people arrived at the section all of the areas to rent a house and arrived at an in home to lie according to the for rent advertisement.Although there is no ID card,rented building smoothly after handing over 500 dollars building fee and 300 dollars security deposit.This is 1 to match to rent building, another room is two young womans.

After settling down, 2 people arrived to admire lounge suit to pack city to buy two false hair sets again.

These two womans let long temporarily forgot at stars in the jail, Chen Cong fugitive terrible.When night, 2 people the market bought vegetables and is the cook's Chen Cong to expose a skill in the neighborhood:The garlic Tai stir-fries meat, Zi vegetables the powder and egg stir-fry persimmon.4 people totally entered dinner.On the second day, 2 people spend again 300 diverse bought a vegetable, meat, adjust to anticipate...etc..4 people again sit at dining table side.

The reporter cans not is true to restore that two dayses of scene, Chen Cong astutely makes a deposition after catching in, can feel there is absolutely romantic, lets he"found out felling and happiness of house, had already had no this kind of to feel for a long time very much."

However, the all these was very quick and then ended.On the morning of February 25, Chen Cong buys to returnsmart TV remote to newspaper, the detection up and impressively issues to print to have them the general public notice of photograph.Chen Cong gives an account after catching, on the morning of the 25th, two womans that match to rent get to return to a girl friend.That woman's eyesight is very good, just didn't order to break there and then and said to the Sun Chen Er people just before walking:"You live to want caution to order son here, the dawn jail ran a pair prisoner."
2 people made every effort the fluster of covering up the heart at that time, they knew:Here foolish don't descend to go to.Don't know to proceed from what mental state, 2 people didn't start to this a few womans.After they leave, two of hims immediately and quickly escape.

On the morning of March 10, the reporter arrives at the section all of the areas 3023 units, the En rang the door bell of 701 rooms, but no man should answer.Neighbor says, two womans have been already moved out several days ago.

Stars, Chen Cong with two womans
Recently Jeffries in addition to totally entering dinner to still take place what, why do they want to move out?All of these are the riddle regiment that the reporter can not restore.