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Starting the solar energy light Fu local market should try "much taking care of is together next"
Our country light Fu industry in recent years develop quickly, become international on the market prominent strength, start a local market to also have become an industry consensus.Some experts and industry insider suggest, pull to move only to don't in response to need inside the Fu industry Be fixed attention on to constuct large only the Fu generate electricity a station, should still be drawing lessons from foreign empirical foundation up actively investigate various paths.

-"Bloom a wall in wall outside joss-stick", the local market needs a start

New energy industry in the world flies soon a development in recent years and facilitated our country solar energy light Fu industry of rising, but our country light the Fu industry also exist many secret worries, the one of them is a light Fu the product take exporting as a lord, local need shortage.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

The related statistics suggests that currently the our country solar cell yield super above 90% export, mainly export the object as Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece etc. nation.

Take exit as instigator our country light Fu industry the development seriously depend on an international market, solar module cellbe greatly influenced by foreign need motion.Once the international market appears big motion, will influence the healthy development of the whole industry chain.Since international financial crisis explosion, world only the Fu product market appear atrophying of very great degree, make Chinese light the Fu product export the quantity sharply descend.

Be subjected to debt crisis influence in Europe, European market for light the need of the Fu product widespreadly descend and make the local business enterprise faced exit difficult.According to Chinese light Fu mainly export a business enterprise have no tin still virtuous power company medium public relations supervisor, Zhang Jian Min, introduction, this year still virtuous world only Fu take delivery of goods quantity although steady medium had been already risen,compare to increase to obviously slow down some years ago, among them,
solar panelsthe European market is the most obvious.From here, the European market takes delivery of goods quantity in the world of have compare appear to descend.Three quarters of this year degree, the European market takes delivery of goods quantity to have to compare to descend to 40% and compares to descend 13 percentage points for two quarters.

Have no tin still virtuous power company chief executive officer assistant Liu Zhi Po said, Chinese currently light Fu industry market mainly abroad.To change to excessively depend on the present condition of international market currently the key one step is the local market of start our country as soon as possible.So not only can for our country only the Fu product provide a market,
solar modulesalso can continue to develop for the industry strong construct dependable foundation.