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economy energy lamp

The shining on of tunnel lighting one degree level and economy energy lamp
Shining on the degree is the strong or weak used to mean to be faced to face personally the last light to mean by being shone on the area density of place light.Illuminate in the tunnel in without under the dizzled light condition of appropriate Gao Zhao Du, can make the tunnel gone a car to feel easy.Illuminates in tunnel in the highway certainly in, strongly face a lifealso need to come out the great mistake area of "more bright more good", too bright can not not only economize on energy, but also pretty much stab an eye, easily make the person tired, seriously endanger to go a car safety.

The tunnel middle segment, entrance segment, excesssive segment and exit segment shone on to once have all different request.The environment condition, soil that still needs comprehensive consideration tunnel in the meantime sets up the design project,
information-based definition well ventilated factors, such as way and transportation condition...etc. of structure thing and makes sure the shining on of tunnel one degree level.

water heater limitless light is a new generation green to illuminate light source most and have no general floodlight inside the light have to have of the light silk or electrode is only put light bulb and an Ou by hollow one to match a machine to constitute.It is repeatedly the electromagnetism field that passes Gao to take place a machine to avalanche an electricity to leave by the air that the way Ou responding matches a light and make inside the lamp bulb and form to wait an ion body and wait the ion body radiated the ultraviolet ray of 253.7 nms while being aroused an atom to return to ground state,
LED in Guangzhou blooms brilliancemural the fluorescence powder inside the lamp bulb is subjected to the ultraviolet ray with 253.7 nms to stir up creation it is thus clear that light.Gao repeatedly limitless light most the longevity life be up to for more than 15 yearses, generally can reach to for 6-8 years, past specially be applicable to to illuminate time long, replace light source difficulty and replace the place of light source cost Gao.

The Chinese green illuminates a plan with economy energy, decrease illuminate expenses, decrease pollution light source, environmental protection, exaltation illuminate quality is aim.The tunnel limitless light that expands an usage economy energy longevity life can carry out stanza to give or get an electric shock 50%-65% and decline to consume to the economy energy,
led lighting manufacturersgreen environmental protection, lower an operating cost to contain decisive function, the its social efficiency and economic efficiency is all very considerable.