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Dusk of a flower

As a confidante, but short-lived, but easy to war. The ancient period woman still understand in beauty for all, or low, or substance. The modern woman so rampant, a get out of hand! Yan Rong stacked in the pollen, profane beautiful meaning, defiled with the ding of new century, forget is the day suddenly bloom, only to attract the shallow men pet transportation ... ...
Women are made to do not necessarily spend, tender, beautiful. That is not decorated, weeds, not sad, not passionate, bones with calm and indifferent, quiet to blossom; not mad, not offbeat, self-reliance efforts to look forward to; not gentle, not beautiful, not persistent; high-sounding words, not polite, low-key with your life! Or be hurt, or pain, or lost, or frustration, never envy anyone, do not get, the bones with toughness, there is a persistent, a chase, a firm, a ... ... Who also don't know were hurt and pain! Who doesn't like to do flowers, only a brief moment of every drop when to order?
Never envy Yan, nor no color, no color and why? After a few years, soon, flower color war, only immersed in the memories. A moment of flowers bloom.
A new generation of women, to walk in the cutting-edge, stepping on the tip of the shoe, the tip of the makeup, let a man look on the tip, Gu Yan, Gu money, gu! Not easy, really; do not work hard, be too; not beautiful, abandoned. How much salt, braving the old disfigurement of the thrilling to cosmetic. Indeed, don't deny, the number of people is the senses, pay attention to the beauty of the moment, the shallow will always pays attention to a woman's appearance, the appearance of. And God, always fair, ... ...