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crystal solar cell

The Na rice crystal solar cell
The Na rice TiO2 crystal chemistry ability solar cell is a recently development of, the advantage lies in its function of cheap cost and simple craft and stability.Its the optoelectronics efficiency stability solar cellis in above 10% and create cost only for 1| of the Huo solar battery 5~1|10.the life span can attain for more than 20 years.

This kind of research of battery and development just started, will gradually walk to become available in the market near future field.
Organic thin film solar cell

The organic thin film solar cell is the solar cell that constitutes to°from the organic material core part.Everyone doesn't acquaint with to the organic solar cell,solar water this is the matter in the reason.Now the solar cell of the yield inside, above 95% is a Huo radicle of, and leave of not arrive 5% also from other have no the machine material make into.

The dyestuff is quick to turn solar cell
The dyestuff is quick to turn solar cell and adhere to a kind of dye on the TiO2 grain son, then soak in a kind of electrolyte.The dye is subjected to bare irradiation, born free electronics and empty cave.The free electronics is absorbed by the TiO2 and get into external circuit from the electrode run off, again has been used an electric appliances, flow into electrolyte,
solar ingot finally return to dye.The dyestuff is quick to turn the manufacturing cost of solar cell very low, this makes it have a very strong competition ability.Its the energy conversion efficiency be or so for 12%.