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Contribution of time

At the age of 19, you may be enjoying the university life is good, and like hand in the labyrinth for export, or in the street scene of debauchery. 19 of you be light of heart from care, to play, to enjoy the beautiful youth, mind that is sure to delight. And I, but in the dead of night when finishing their resume, find that their own stability. When faced with so many excellent competitors, have the mind of an uneasy fears, much is a melancholy. Until one day, the school recruits Furui company to face lit up, I smile, but smile appeared more panic and anxiety. The day I took part in his first interview, but also that day so I said goodbye to the age of students, to a new start in lifephysiotherapy-center.

The first written joy, many 's beginning, there seem to be few climax, always so dull. The entrance area, often also do not attract sb.'s attention. New into an environment, often feel fresh, will often feel lonely and helpless. , 2012/03/09 I take simple baggage to Jiangdong natural habitat report, this house is not a many-storied buildings, in the tree is not tall trees, here the water is very clear, the people here in the busy. '. Then I saw my dormitory bed, have wardrobe computer table, what is important is that one is living in a room, for a moment, I deeply love the everything in.

Second pen write sigh, 2012, 3, 12 of our 15 new blood in the lead while Shige with coach came to the office building, this building is not very high, the building in many people. Is this building to we all desire peace. Then arrive at the factory, of greet is the number of unseen device and a tall chimney, and floating white smoke gas. This friend is not wearing his love of wool hats do not wear uniforms, but not shoes, high heel shoes. Here all felt very strange, yellow safety helmet, blue overalls, and the pair of shoes is invulnerability steel dress up in every friend 's personal weapon. At that moment, I smiled. At the age of 19 years in this place exudes the dreams of youthtravel-linkage.

Third pen write worry, here the 15 friends are divided into different device, with my only one, feel the environment into one more on the strange, even around the breathing also exudes a tense atmosphere. When I put on that set of weapons, a sense of responsibility to the carefree and leisurely, began to worry about, a little nervous. But here the master is very good, they are willing to sacrifice their own time to help us. Because learn more things, they also mess up, seemingly very simple, their operation or clumsy-handed, heart very upset. Back to the dormitory, without those familiar with people and things, in addition to gnaw the book or read books. At the age of 19 years was so ruthless destruction.

Total write growing up, our friends in the 2012/08/22 quality inspection department mounted farmhouse. Here the air is very clear, in the dam bank like the Great Wall wall, in the water as well as clear, in the tree as is the hometown of the dam, suddenly had the feeling of home. This house is very big, feel very warm, is a United team. Home to everyone in the experience the breath of nature, perhaps in a polluted environment office understand that life is the capital of truth, here, we all like it very much, the mood has become very excited. Also cherish here every minute of every second. This is the first time together in mutual understanding, first and their heart to heart communication, the first time hear them say those stories, together for the first time in may abandon the work aside, feeling the feelings of nature scenery, local customs and practices, that everything is so beautiful, full of poetic. 19 years of youth in the friends of the concern grows.

Write write harvest, growth is a painful process. At the age of 19, I gave up the students' life, choose to face life 's relentless, challenge of life by. With the age increase gradually, is like the piano with the fingers of the hand does not know where to change the melody, and then want to bid farewell to loneliness, lonely feeling, therefore, it is the price paid by theproperty mortgage.

The wind blowing from the water, leaving the sun, corrugated; from the clouds, through, leaving a warmth; years, from the past, leaving a circle ring; 19 year old youth, from the time of the slit slip away, it left a lasting memory. In my opinion, 19 years of age is not the rainy season down version and not a sweet version but the rainy season and the season of the synthetic version.