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conservative treatment including

Varicose veins regular conservative treatment including

( 1) to avoid long time standing or sitting posture, Cable manufacturer walking can make use of calf muscle pump function to promote venous return;

( 2) a lower limb lifting can relieve edema symptoms;

( 3) wear a pressure gradient can delay the disease development;

( 4) part of the drug can cure effect.靜脈曲張

Varicose veins commonly known as" fried gluten leg", occurred in the lower extremity varicose veins of the lower extremities, refers to the venous system of the lower extremities venous blood backflow obstacles, the pressure increased, the superficial vein gradually expanded, elongate, due to the surrounding tissue constraints, and thus a worm-like tortuous vein group, particularly thin, showed a cystic dilatation of the disease.

Occurred in the long standing work or heavy manual workers, such as salespersons, teachers and Porter, soldier. Cao An Qi Emotional lifeFemale multiple births and markedly obese people also see more.