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The use of aqueous cream, one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for eczema and other dry skin conditions, is called into question after a recent study by the University of Bath in the British Journal of Dermatology published. The study shows that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a detergent commonly used in aqueous creams, protective barrier of skin damage, including dry skin and eczema worse.

Appear inside the epidermis a kind of big but have a characteristic parties the hero the surname cell.…

Is the breast side long erythema, the Yang, a breast disease?The breast eczema kind cancer then is seen to women over 40 years of age more, the list pours to much see.(2)Make progress a circumstance:The breast eczema has something to do with the machine body inside disease and allergic factor and clean to quick original, …but the breast eczema kind cancer pathological changes area is harder, with surrounding boundary clear, can take place nipple hollow or debauched decay with the result that the nipple completely disappears, can touch a lump inside the breast.…

Breast cancer is some what symptom??②Glue liquid gland cancer:again gum kind cancer, less see.Being taken bad age is old and grow slowness, the state is clear and slice the noodles translucent gum jelly kind thing and have in the cancer organization abundant glue a liquid, the malignant degree is lower, the armpit lymph transfers less see.③Eczema kind cancer:call mammary glands to send a hero again surname disease.Characteristic of this cancer appearance for:the nipple, the milk dizzy skin present eczema kind change and appear inside the epidermis a kind of big but have a characteristic parties the hero the surname cell.…

Doesn't the nipple Sao Yang neglect??Female nipple and the milk dizzy department rise a skin rash, the Sao Yang is unwell, there is no obvious lump, have a liking for to is like an eczema, but probably is the breast eczema kind cancer.Its clinical performance is similar to eczema, easy misdiagnosis, …the breast eczema kind cancer be often taken place to a 4060-year-old female.The nipple milk dizzy department eczema kind changes different choose site for capital is a cancer, it is a pure sex eczema, but can not neglect to this to have some

Richard Guy, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University and project supervisor, said: “The skin has a protective barrier layer of fat, about one-eighth the thickness of a sheet of paper that prevents chemicals in the body and keeps moisture in “

SLS is a detergent used for oil in the mixture based moisturizer water to give a creamy texture. It is also widely used in shower gels and other cosmetic products. Our study revealed that the friction used SLS in aqueous cream thins the skin, this barrier, the skin sensitive to irritation by chemicals. “

“So, this cream to eczemous skin is already thin and prone to irritation, you’re probably be worse off.”

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