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Cicadas merrily, on the hot afternoon, some thoughts and don't know where float, hard hitting my head. I see a wonder time not regional heavy rain scene, I just stood there, no umbrella, no occlusion, loneliness and despair. I saw my eyes confused, see because cold and trembling in the body side of fingers, see purple lips. I saw my back up the pale soul white phantom, breathable cool, slowly spread with sorrow. I'm close to me, I would like to warm that do not open the cold to warm, the colder than the body of flesh and blood, I want to hold me. My hands reached out, but, I can't hold my weakness, I looked at the hands of vanity, but an impulse to cry, heart contraction. I put my hands, watching the rain of I, I can't save me, save, I despair around to find out, I hope someone can help me cold. But it was all in vain, there is only me, what people do not have, even what is not, in addition to day, besides, in addition to the rain, I can't save me, nobody can save me. I despair at desperate I blurred eyes, looked at me and numbness of the face, the heart is unable to contain a throbbing pain. I watched the rain I, the tears finally fall, to draw a broken trace, sighing sorrow. I see my eyes exposed lax with sarcasm, see me numb expression changed. The rain I seem to look at me, seemed not to see me. I looked at me quizzically, cannot understand the spread of ridicule, cannot understand the loneliness and despair, don't understand that. The noise in the sound of rain, came the faint sound of footsteps, very light very light, close to me. I saw my head, see my eyes blurred with focal length, see I slowly show surprised, see I turned. I looked at my turn direction, a white shadow, I watched the white shadow I saw, I saw my numb expression exudation smile. I watched the white shadow, suddenly feel relaxed, suddenly feel familiar, suddenly, feel incredible, suddenly understood that lonely. I see I am facing the white shadow sharp said some what, I see my tears eyes float again also cannot lock down tears, let it free. Then, suddenly, I saw my volt free in the white shadow cried, as if to Hsin Chu cry out of this world, as if to give vent to the long lonely waiting, as if...... I see I continue to slide down the tears, once again feel the heart of austerity, close your eyes, close to the escape of the tears, they swallow back belly. Open my eyes, I see the gloomy sky, cicada still called, bamboo is still green, no rain, no sunshine, like my life, suspended in midair.


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