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nostalgia better student

Will graduate this year in June, less than three months time, when this tangled, how to select, from a student to say goodbye, but looks like a time can not accept reality, I knew it had to integrate into society as soon as possible Only in this way will not be eliminated, but the heart is more nostalgia, nostalgia University of those people, those things that I am stubborn, that silly balls, innocent friendship, as well as share his indulgence ...... nostalgia better student.
University, taught me what? Growth? Knowledge? Accumulate it, the school's growth, the so-called love piercing pain in the community under great pressure to become is so vulnerable, perhaps the two can not be compared in this respect it, just felt the University's growth is only just Bale beginning stage, I do not know if I can become the kind of shenanigans modern, not so much scheming modern, can not be said to be a way to protect themselves too? I do not want to become a hedgehog, do not want to be so blind to the reality, not the reality numbness, just trying to keep this innocent, this simple, think of this, is not too happy, stumbled in my big, really big, When I hear someone's age, I was suddenly scared, what am I, want to be a simple man, nothing more, do not want to intrigue alive.
I want to go the road of writing, but not even the beginning of the road can not be found, for the writing of the industry, in the end the choice is as reconciled? Or because the impulse after more than rational choice compass college

, always feel like living in a dream every day, in the morning before dawn to get up, pick up a good practice fast food just to catch the bus to eat you have to catch the evening they have to rush to work punctually at six bus, sometimes one minute, or even tens of seconds are likely to miss the last bus, but this time I only choose to transfer to the station, call, just to save some money, a taxi is too expensive compass college

, the school is too biased, most of Drivers do not want to go, wrote this, I think, every so anxious anxious to go, why do you wear high heels? Is not confident on the height? Vanity, when I was in high heels running for the bus, when not afraid of foot ankle? If this really ankle, then I really do not know how to do? In this city, I unaccompanied, who are also friends went their separate ways, think of this, I do not know what it's like my heart this is a dislike of the industry, and I chose, is the last retreat, or want to exercise yourself? Good heart contradictions, how to do? After graduating from the road so hard, how I want to go, I feel I have a good selection of strange, kind and the previous one he had never had the feeling, I rely on the heart so strong and now I have a separate, two kinds of gap too accustomed to the school life of ease, but also perhaps a man in this city, the heart unfunded, but fortunately live in the school, at least familiar cozy quarters, although one person had six of us living in the dormitory, although They are not in, but still can feel the feeling of home compass college(HKIHM)


Nostalgia, uh, of it, I am more likely nostalgia, how, write their own feelings, but always thinking upset by the sudden idea, want to like something, you can now stay here, it is necessary have control over their head, since it has been selected to adhere to? Persist in the company, at least stick to graduation? So confused 詩妙健

Work, work is not a constraint, it should be a pleasure, fun at work, spring, enjoying the warmth of the sun, flowers dazzle like rotten, so the choice should be firm, not afraid of mistakes, afraid of no the courage to start again, and now I have chosen profession, but for the company's current situation, the market department, is my resting-place, and I really can not guarantee how long the design department seems too far away, my age are not allowed to go to waste so much time, I can not take this betting on the future of the road, way is to choose, but also the fate of the different sources, how to choose what will be the fate of the road after graduation I do not know 詩妙健, but did not dare think, at home, in the traditional view, a rural girls to my early age are now married, and I? Although the school enough to become an excuse for girls marry later, but in June after I am not a student, is not it will be like others, was arranged blind date, and I do not intend to get married, want to work, but that work is so The easy, practical, how I would choose, do not like to choose, but found life everywhere have to choose, really do not know where to go. So confused, so tangled, I do not, I do not like it, do not know, do not know, kind of words really can not appear in the present moment, but it always appears, when they could not so naive and wanted to get rid of this tangled state of mind, heart and downs, how to settle, really do not know why my mind is such a mess, really want to stick to graduation, or will not go to another changed his mind.

Home, is so good, but I have to choose a person break out, and found out was not easy, since there is no a vacation, uh, yes, everything is a new beginning, and suddenly felt his head a mess mess, Even a person write these when the noises around me has nothing to do with ......
Graduation season, a man in this city, a lot of frustration, too much pain, only only one person to bear, not to tell his family, fear of family distressed, afraid to tell friends, afraid to get someone else's mercy, only one secretly in the night, when people cry and can not stop the tears fell down


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