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Close to a person

Lonely, is one of the basic characteristics of. Almost everyone in the life of a moment to experience alone. It can be simple and superficial, such as: become the team most likely played; or the party has been neglected by people and the girl sitting in the corner; or is lost in love or close friends.

In March 18, 2012, one called " walking rice " girl in Sina micro-blog has published an article: " I have depression, so go die, nothing important reasons, we do not have to care about my leave. Bye now! A few days later, people just know, this girl named Ma Jie, a Nanjing college student, in March 18, 2012 the Dutch act.

On the emotional comfort, our network to expectations may be too high -- in Ma Jie of micro-blog, no one to comfort her, encourage her. Just one word can give emotional support, for a severe depression were too frivolous girl. If she was seeking is in the real world, real emotional support, will have what different ending?

The West 's most famous keep oneself to oneself are Rousseau, Wordsworth, Melvil. Rousseau in the Harvard educated, they went to the desert of Walden Pond lakeside retreat, build their own houses, fishing, hunting, vegetables, like the original live; Wordsworth and sister live in seclusion in the Cumberland district and Glass mill lake, retire; Melvil often years adrift in the sea, and not in his life. However, for these people, I am afraid not what lonely unbearable pain, but can seek realm. Compared with congener, mountains and their vegetation more congenial temper, nature is the life happiness and wisdom.

As an inherently social animal, most people are more eager to be close interpersonal relationships, close to a person, to be understood, be paid close attention to, be loved. What we need is emotional, rather than just contact.

This network is to eliminate loneliness, social network, is connected to all of the people, with the arrival of the era of micro-blog, in the network in the world we can meet every kind of people, is the network of people all over the country have never met connected together, but in the ubiquitous connectivity, people more willing to his emotional talk and micro-blog, was in the micro-blog constantly update their status, have more very person micro-blog as performance: in the happy, sun house, car tag ... ... Some people just want to make people notice of him, in order to prove their existence value.

" Lonely " seems to have become the modern people a pronoun: nobody is lonely; when a person is lonely; can not find the common topic is also lonely, lonely or do when ... In this fast-paced life, our chance to be alone is more less, why not cherish the time to be alone, unload those gorgeous mask, to put their hearts were false, good taste experience alone, alone?