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China to fall


Sin, not at the appropriate time to give proper explanations, it missed. Miss results is irreparable, because once again miss lost courage, became irretrievable wrong. Always think, people is it right? Very contradictory, I can have a good way to solve your own accidentally, but always do things sloppily, grows in intensity, finally it turned into the wrong person, two person's sadness. Hua Xu Yinli, song coagulation is wrong, wrong .

 On that day, the wind howling, rolled up the sand, two armies pitted against each other, in a threatening manner, attending many Qiujia hate. However,  in this way, she encounters a preordained to him. Decreed by fate he will she beat, wrapped her emotions, unable to break free; for he decreed by fate she abandon life splendor, only for the heart to obsession, unable to extricate themselves.  This decreed by fate is doomed to their life not good weather for the crops, their ending is destined full of blood and tears. Because miss always like a sword heartless pierce sentient life, too late to regret, also do not allow to regret.