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Chang direction

The house Gua sits toward text Chang direction

1, the earthquake house face west northwest

2, the Xun house sit a southeast dynasty northwest due south

3, leave a house to face north southeast

4, the Kun house sit a southwest dynasty northeast positive west

5, exchange a house to face east southwest

6, the Gan house sit a northwest dynasty southeast due east

7, the hole house face south northeast

8, the Gen house sit the northeast dynasty southwest just north

If problem because of the inborn structure of the house, the text Chang doesn't can make den, can look for the second best just then and put the position of desk is at the text Chang of the den and may also yield results.If at the right moment the text Chang is located on inborn structure and form in is a kitchen Ci, then beard just here place water more to plant a thing is hurtled by dissolving text Chang.

In addition to text Chang the beard notices assurance, the user of den has to have an ex- powerful supporter to contain water behind and point the seat of desk in response to the back have depend, back by the wall, current sense of security, again the not easy back is subjected to Rao, because person's ear can listen to eight square, but the eye view is six roads, the back has depend, then call a powerful supporter, but any can succeed get ahead personage, in addition to ego of make great effort, intelligence, opportunity, there is should never attempt to no powerful supporter.The back has been already depended, then studying to examine and associating with others all can get magnate to help each other, doter, do a part-time job a clan then can even get superior to appreciate guide and support.So the seat of desk carries on the back behind should with without resort to a window and without resort to an etc. unreal for want, in addition to paying attention to of geomancy, also because of the office desk is some one behind you to come and go to take a stroll and then sit uneasy steady, hard concentration attention.

In addition to above what time, the desk still has many pay attention to, then can strengthen a prosperous text of Chang, and match with the strength of text Chang, attain to study to examine to win a person one the effect for raising.

A workstation is probably one of those spots that eat up time for those who are part of the work force. It is where a typical office person spends half, and sometimes more than half, of his everyday schedule. It goes without saying then that workstations should be organized in a way that promotes productivity and gets rid of bad habits and levels of idolatry. This is usually the case of those workstations that are in big corporate buildings, but what about those that are in homes?

Home office workstations are becoming more and more commonplace because of the increasing number of full time jobs that can be performed at the convenience of one’s own home. These jobs are usually web-based and correspondences are done online. Because of the easy and extremely comfortable environment at home where temptation is present anywhere you look, one’s professional performance is jeopardized at times. Home office workstations are seen as the best solution to ensure productivity at work while at home, and there are certain things to check when setting up one.

First is the area. Spare rooms are ideal for a workstation as it is closed space. But if you do not have a vacant one at home, you can choose a corner. If you happen to be budget-tight or space is extremely limited, you can utilize your dining table, and just beef up on trusty furniture. That brings us to the second point in the checklist, furniture, and a big must in this aspect is the desk. An L-shaped desk is highly advisable as it provides enough space for you to put your things on, like your computer, office files, table lamp, and what have you. A regular office desk is also fine. Take note that if you would be spending a lot of time with a computer with its own computer table, it is best to have a desk placed beside it to receive your hard files, as well as your clutter. A comfortable chair comes with the table, of course. Make sure that you select a chair that has good back support to keep you from back aches caused by spending hours sitting on it. A desk clock and calendar are also advisable to help you keep track of your schedule, reminding you of appointments and managing deadlines. You should also include a trash can near you where you can easily deposit crumpled papers and other office junk. Third is lighting. A good home office work station is well lit, strong enough for those late hour work moments. A desk lamp is usually a necessity in many home work spaces, especially when a work space is indeed just a space and not a room to avoid bothering others who are in the same house or in a shared room.

Believe many people knows its, don't know where it is located on?

So what is meant by "text Chang"?The text Chang means text Chang star, but text Chang the star call a text song star again, from thou devolution is dominate the star of scholar destiny.

So-called"text Chang building" means text Chang the star sits to face of room, "Xuan empty purple white Jue" of"fly star pond" thinks that two stars in"a white" and"four green"s meet to match, then the subjective chapter is flourishing, green cloud get road, because four green is the absolute being of the text Chang, but"a white" is officer's star it should, dominate article civil service exam, for this reason 1, 4 together temple lord hair section of star, number is"green cloud get road".

For example eight luck(2004-2023 years) the Gen mountain Kun facing the sun house, open a northeast door, this house has three directionses to 1, 4 together a temple, namely Xun square(southeast square), exchange a square(positive west) and axe this three squares of square(positive north) all as a den, actually press line up that room for proper?

First want to make pure west four lifes and easts are four lifes, such as west four lifes can press at positive west, such as east four lifes can press row at the southeast square for the den.

But none of many peoples understands the Xuan empty geomancy and eight house geomancies and mostly all need the geomancy teacher carry on pointing out for proper.

Underneath we introduce a kind of the way that everyone can accept, then press everybody birth stem in the sky in year to seek text Chang the method of, namely practical and simple.

Have 60 in Chinese race culture flower cycle of sixty years, everybody is born year all therein, but 60 flower in cycle of sixty years have ten days dry, turn six times every 60 years, ten day stem is:A, B, C and D, E and F, G and Xin, a Chinese family name, I and J, for example is cycle of sixty years years for 84 years, be ugly year of for B for 85 years, is C Yin year is a D Mao year is E Chen for 86 years for 87 years year for 88 years, 89 year for oneself Si year.Is G noons year for 90 years, being Xin, a Chinese family name for 91 years don't, state a year for I for 92 years, is J You year for 93 years, total decade ten day stems rotate be over, 94 years is A Xu year, 95 years is B Hai year.Restart a sky again dry new of ten circulations, our everybody can check in ten thousand calendars wes are born the sky of the year dry, after checking, like this A stem, the text Chang star is partial to south(Si) in the southeast, B stem at due south(noon), C stem at southwest(Shen Wei).The D does in the positive west(You), E stem at southwest(Shen Wei), the F does in the positive west(You), G stem at northwest(Hai).Xin, a Chinese family name stem at positive north(son), I does in the northeast(Yin), J stem at due east(Mao), if can be suiting the directions of oneself's fortune telling as den, will contribute to the exaltation that studies result like this.

Dominate the text song of study star

"Text Chang" is one of 28 constellations in the skies, and then calls a text song star, relate to honey with the human life to slice, particularly take charge of world to study the person's high official positions and riches.

The text Chang is a text Chang, the star flies and faces into the directions of house, this directions is in each residence existence, as long as is den or desk Be established to a text Chang, then all will have benefit for studying and examine, write, planning and preparing.How can the text Chang of suite son define each time?This wants from residential of sit to, is as well made sure by the direction of eight houses.According to the geomantic theories, the text Chang sits toward decision according to house, text Chang will as well according to the passing years and then change, but the big physical stature bureau is as follows:

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