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Cause of disease

Degenerative changeCurrently, it is the basic cause of lumbar disc degeneration.

Degeneration is all biological growth, decay, death of the objective law, because the lumbar assumes special physiological function, lumbar disc degenerative changes in other organs to early, but progress is relatively fast. This process is a long-term, complex process.The so-called lumbar disc degenerative changes of intervertebral disc under weight: because of the oppression, plus the waist and frequently


performed flexion, extension and other activities, is easy to cause the intervertebral disc extrusion and wear, especially in the waist intervertebral disc, resulting in degenerative changes. Lumbar intervertebral disc degenerative changes of this disease is the foundation.

Other factors
1 forces: in daily life and work, people often have long-term waist undeserved, excessive force position or posture is not correct the situation. For example, long engaged in bending work of mine workers and construction workers often stoop lifting heavy objects. The long-term repeated external injury days and months multiplying effect on intervertebral disc, aggravates the degeneration degree.


The 2 disc itself anatomical factors weakness:
( 1) the intervertebral disc in adult gradually after a lack of blood circulation. Repair capacity is poor, especially in degeneration after repair capability is more weak.

( 2) the lateral lumbar intervertebral disc annulus is relatively weak, and the longitudinal ligament in lumbar, 5 sacral 1 plane when the width is significantly reduced, the fiber ring enhancement effect is apparently abate.

( 3) the lumbosacral congenital abnormalities: lumbosacral deformity can make the incidence of these abnormalities, often caused by intervertebral ranged in width, and often cause the zygapophysial joints more rotational strain, the annulus pressure are not a, accelerate the degeneration.

The 3 race, genetic factors: colored incidence is low; for example, Indian and African blacks and other morbidity than other ethnic groups is significantly lower